Is It Possible To #MakeXmasAHorrorFilm?

By Touché Not everyone wants to join in the Christmas yuletide celebrations. We cannot leave those folks out of all the hashtag fun. They deserve laughter as well. Let the humor enter through #MakeXmasAHorrorFilm. A Chucky Brown Christmas#MakeXmasAHorrorFilm — ???9?????? ?Santa's Little Helper? (@JMoney731) December 22, 2017 If you get


What Thanksgiving Means To Indigenous People

By Touché Not trying to be a Thanksgiving buzz kill. However, It is vital that we understand this holiday through the eyes of the indigenous folks. For them, this “holiday” brings back sadness and sorrow. HOW DO NATIVE AMERICANS CELEBRATE THANKSGIVING? U.S. HOLIDAY A DAY OF MOURNING FOR INDIGENOUS PEOPLES