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POTUS 45: Be Careful What You Ask For, Right?

By Darrell Roberts

“You’ll have to ask Michael Cohen.  Michael is my attorney. You’ll have to ask Michael.”
The above quote comes from the latest disaster that can be traced directly to President Trump,
AKA POTUS 45, opening his mouth to mutter the “best words.”
Following Trump’s declaration, the FBI did go and ask Michael Cohen.
The actions of the FBI against Trump’s long-time attorney and “fixer” would lead POTUS 45 to have a public meltdown (more about that later) during a meeting with his national security advisers.   Nobody has ever seen such unprofessional an awkwardly apocalyptic event.
Of course, this is Donald Trump, so there would be no day after apologies, after all, he is never wrong.
After sleeping on it, Trump would rise to take Twitter and hate tweet:

Sure, Trump’s words are false– but when has that ever seemed to have mattered?

The current, do-nothing, Congress refuses to take any meaningful action to eliminate Trump’s ridiculous bending, breaking, and non-caring attitude toward the U.S. Constitution, the rule of law, and general human decency.   A special thanks go to both House Speaker Paul Ryan (please enjoy your retirement, sir) and the Senate-lead Mitch McConnell.

Thankfully, despite the failure of the Congressional leadership, the judicial branch has not, as of yet, been trumped in favor of the Trump “house-rules.”   If at any time in one’s life they were ever thankful for lawyers, this might be the time.

In spite of endless, mostly unresolved,  scandals surrounding the Trump administration, the public seems unable to follow most of the inept, the corrupt, the questionable, and the chaos.   What will today bring?

Possible illegal hush money payoffs to Charlie Sheen? 

Or maybe today’s narrative will show a Trump family reunion held in the middle of Moscow’s Red Square, but it is “ok.”   After all, Putin was invited… but he was unable to attend, so NO COLLUSION!

No matter what Trump says, does, or faces scrutiny over– 45 and his ilk will continue to make weak excuses, muddling distractions, and lob ridiculously false allegations toward others.   In the meantime, the public-at-large will likely remain confused and find it difficult to remember every or even most Trump’s misdeeds.   Although undermining American institutions along with an uninformed population is potentially dangerous, there still remains hope that not all is lost and that justice will ultimately prevail.

America’s judicial system, this is your time to shine. 

Consider the Trump denial of knowing about the Stormy Daniels payment.   By Trump’s own words of rejection, he creates a more significant “who done it and why?” scandal than if he had just said, “Yep, I told “M.C. Pay-off” to take care of it, and he did.  That’s my dog, Michael Cohen, good guy.”  Instead, Trump’s bigly denial raises not only curiosity enigmas but also up to potentially exposing both illegal campaign financing and other monetary issues.

Let it be noted; Trump threw Michael Cohen under the bus.  The bigly question is will Michael Cohen’s loyalty to Trump stand up to the possibility of losing his law license and going to jail?

Only time can tell how loyal Cohen will remain, but in the meantime, Trump seems intent on leveraging his loyalist’s new-found legal troubles to save himself facing further Team Mueller scrutiny.   It has become typical fodder to read that Trump is angry at Jeff Sessions recusal, contemplating firing Rod Rosenstein, or has attempted to have Mueller fired– indeed priorities of the innocent, right?

Speaking of Trump/Russia

Trump recently was lauded by some for finally stepping up to bravely talk smack to Russian President Vladimir Putin, as Trump tweeted:

Such a brave move, but does the tweet not still seem far more reserved, well-thought-out, and far higher brow than Trump’s regular personal attacks?   As a comparison, a review of the recent Trump public meltdown (previously mentioned above).

Trump is quick to state that the FBI “just broke into” his lawyer, Michael Cohen’s office, as part of a “total witch hunt.”   In an amped up manner, Trump goes on to call the Cohen event as “a disgrace” and an “attack on our country” and stands against “what we stand for.”

Of course, Trump would follow by making the false claim that they “found no Collusion with Russia… NO COLLUSION” and that somehow all these Trump/Russia links are a result of Democrats, “some” Republicans, and those that had worked under Obama.   Apparently, they are all too busy investigating all the Trump campaign/Russia connections that they all must have planted against Team Trump.

Of course, Trump would add something about “they are not looking at all the horrible things” that Hillary Clinton did.   Then, he would finish up by  stating:

“The attorney general made a terrible mistake when he did this, and when he recused himself”

Trump would add:

“Or he should have certainly let us know if he was going to recuse himself, and we would have used a – put a different attorney general in. So he made what I consider to be a very terrible mistake for the country.”

Even as Trump’s tweets build in tension toward Syria, Trump would appear to tweet tough against Russia, but would end his tweet-burst by clearly identifying the precise source of the U.S./Russia friction:

In other words, Russia’s actions to include meddling in the U.S. and abroad, support of Syria’s Assad, attempts to both undermine NATO, and of course, their direct use of chemical weapons in Western Europe– for the first time since WWII– is all somehow everyone but Russia’s fault.

All of Trump’s rhetoric along with the known of Trump/Russia, begs the following question:

What did the President know and when did he know it?  


Why is President Trump so adamant to stop the Mueller investigation?

That is the question Americans must demand to be answered by an authentic, impartial, and legitimate investigation.   Thus, it is now the civic duty for concerned Americans to ensure that their voices are heard and that Trump does not succeed in another round of firing those that are investigating connections around him and his cronies.

Since the do-nothing Congress refuses to offer assurance to protect Mueller’s investigation, every day closer to the 2018 mid-term elections becomes more critical.   So far the Federal judiciary has been the branch to step up and defend American democracy.   The legal professionals cannot do it alone; they need help, they need a “Checks & Balances” Congress.   To those that wish to do their part and to make sure their voice is heard:  Register to vote, and then– VOTE!

The 2018 mid-terms may be the most crucial modern-day vote.   A vote to decide the future of America.   Will 2018 be a vote to begin to restore American Democracy or the next step in a Trumpocracy?

Register and VOTE!!!

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