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The Perfect Storm(Y) (Grossly) Exposes Trump

By Darrell Roberts

Remember when yours truly promised to write more about Trump and Stormy Daniels?

Of course not, because that promise was written nearly two months ago, which in Trump time seems like decades, does it not?  Up for a challenge?  If so, pull out a pen and paper then write down every scandalous Trump event during the past two months to include his administration, his words, tweets, or actions.

It is harder than you think, eh?

That might be the motive of Trump’s immense ability to transition from one scandal to the next as a true art of scandalous distraction.  Trump never stops to address or correct anything; he just chugs along.   One can say many negative things about the President, but when it comes to not being weighed down by the “losers and haters”– well, he is the master of acceptance for being “that guy.”

One can rest assured; nobody can remember all of Trump’s misdeeds, it is an impossible task; however, a majority of those that did make a list were likely to remember something about Russia, whether that be the continued blind eye of the President or all the Mueller investigation indictments.   Of course, nobody can forget “No Collusion” because… as of now,  it is a conspiracy, so, yes, there was– NO COLLUSION!

No matter what distraction President Trump serves up, he remains unable to escape the Russia/Trump story because the developments are endless and the new developments continue to draw Trump/Russia closer together.  For instance, consider the 2013 personal letter that Trump sent Putin.   Plus, uncertainty remains as to how well Putin and Trump knew each other before the 2016 election.   The reason for all the confusion and questions stem from one simple fact that just so happens to be Donald Trump’s kryptonite– the truth.  Therefore, another Trump scandal that likely to make everyone’s list– Stormy Daniels.

Like Russia, Stormy Daniels is not fading away, in fact, the Daniels/Trump story (again like Russia) only grows more legs with each passing day.  Also like Russia, the Daniels affair exposes Trump– to his kryptonite, the truth.

Therefore, unlike many Trump forgotten scandals, the Perfect Storm(Y) does pose a significant threat to the Trump Presidency.  In the eyes of the truth, a Trump exposed is a gross sight that is not easily forgotten.  Furthermore, the tale of Stormy Daniels exposes Trump along the same eery aspects surrounding the Trump/Russia investigation.

Consider the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting between Team Trump and Russia.

The Russians contacted Donald Trump, Jr. to set up a meeting to give the Trump campaign political “dirt” against Hillary Clinton.   Despite three key members of Trump’s team (Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, and Paul Manafort) meeting with the Russians, at Trump Tower, with Donald Trump also in the building– it is alleged that none of them told then-candidate Trump anything.   The current narrative is that Trump’s son, son-in-law, and former campaign manager never bothered to mention anything about Russians offering Clinton “dirt.”

If that story seems hard to believe, it is, but as all shall see with the Stormy Daniels saga, this appears to be a standard Trump narrative.

According to Trump’s long-time lawyer, Michael Cohen, he took it upon himself to write-up a non-disclosure agreement, take a loan against his personal property to pay off Stormy Daniels– without ever having bothered to ask President Trump about the allegations.  Again, the narrative is that President Trump had no idea that Stormy Daniels was being paid off.

Nope, all are to believe that Michael Cohen just paid off Stormy Daniels with his own money and then complained about not being paid back– for a serious situation, to reiterate, that Trump allegedly had no knowledge about, not even the slightest clue.   In both claims, one must believe that those close to Trump just act on his behalf, in his best interest without actually being close enough to him to ever mention or talk about their thoughtful deeds.

Does either story seem logical, realistic, or believable?

There is much more relevant information in the Stormy Daniels adventure.   Therefore, yours truly promises to provide pertinent future updates.

In the meantime, please accept a parting gift, an offering of another Trump/Russia and Trump/Stormy Daniels eery comparison.

A key focus to discover the Trump/Russia truth, which is also outlined in the Steele dossier, is the claim that Russia possesses damaging financial and sexual “kompromat” that could be used as leverage against President Trump.  Not to be outdone by the Russians, it appears Stormy Daniels may also hold her own significant leverage.   According to the Stormy Daniels’ lawsuit, the previous non-disclosure agreement (NDA) states:

“2.1 Prior to entering into this Agreement, PP came into possession of certain ‘Confidential Information’ pertaining to DD, as more fully defined below, only some of which is in tangible form, which includes, but is not limited to information, certain still images and/or text messages which were authored by or relate to DD.”

That is right.  Apparently, Stormy Daniels might possess some Trump “Dick Nixon” pictures.

Furthermore, in section 2.2 (b) from the NDA,  Stormy Daniels not only might possess such “Dick Nixon” photos, but she is claimed to have threatened to sell Trump’s “Nixon” pics.

Thus, whether it comes from Russia or Stormy Daniels, it appears the whole world is one step closer to seeing the real Donald Trump being fully (and grossly) exposed.

Writing is my passion, whether you agree, disagree, love, or hate the expression of my passion is not important. What is important, is that those that read my words are never bored by doing so.

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