Time to Cancel 2nd Season of Reality POTUS

By Darrell Roberts

To those that thought season one would be the worst of the reality Trump Presidency– WRONG!   Welcome to an even bigger disastrous season 2.

Despite being less than a quarter into 2018, the ridiculous nature of the “Trump train” continues to aimlessly roll along like an out of control locomotive heading toward ultimate destruction.  Unfortunately, this sh*t show (or is it a sh*t house?) has control over the world’s greatest military might along with enough nuclear weapons to end humanity– ten times over.  Such a truth should scare all non-nihilists– not just in America, but everywhere.

Just how bad has the second year of Trump’s Presidency been?

So terrible that some, such as Sean Hannity, have had to turn to an “Alternative” reality in which Hillary Clinton apparently is facing an every growing impeachment threat.   In the meantime, as a “bigger than Watergate” scandal continues to play out. revealing the Deep State has previously been monitoring Russian activity by surveilling a well-known pro-Russian American citizen.

Sadly, too many Americans forsake reading and just rely on learning via Mr. Hannity’s television program.   Sure, Hannity’s turning a blind eye to the endless Trump scandals to instead focus on telling people what they wish to hear might be convenient.   Heck, it might gain significant audience ratings– but narrative popularity does not equate to being responsible nor ethical.

Moreover, as the neverending Trump distress wears down many Americans, understand– TRUMP’S PRESIDENCY IS NOT NORMAL AND IT SHOULD NEVER BECOME ACCEPTABLE.

With this understanding in mind, the following is a short 2018 Trump show recap through the first two months (and a fraction).   Wistfully, yours truly must apologize beforehand for a lack of ability to capture and explain every critical misstep by Team Trump.   On America’s behalf, here is to hoping that Robert Mueller and his team of professionals are amply more prepared to documenting all of Trump’s potential misdeeds.  #HoorayForMueller.

Recently, within just a few short days, has seen:

  • To the dismay of all, Trump publicly claiming to take all the guns as he also called out other politicians for being wary and scared to tell the NRA no.
  • At some point, Trump lost his Hope (Hicks), then went on a Twitter rage to criticize some dude named “Alex” Baldwin which also included misspelling the word dying as “dieing.”   During the same tweet-rage event, Trump would also criticize the media and announce his desire for a “trade war.”  However, Trump remained “disciplined” enough to not respond to Putin’s recent rhetoric and the Russian President’s destruction of Mar-A-Lago via video game simulation.

By Trump standards, the aforementioned is already faded old news, because the ridiculousness– never stops.

As additional proof, out of nowhere, Sam Nunberg gets a subpoena, then proceeds to go on an hours-long press tour.   Mr. Nunberg (likely known as Sammy Numb’nuts within the Trump/Stone syndicate) was so ridiculously over the top– that he alone overshadowed the other Trump news of that particular day.   Perhaps… that was the point?

Following Nunberg’s antics, Gary Cohn would suddenly his White House job along with news of President Trump being SUED by a porn star.   That is right, the President of the United States is being sued by an adult film actress– and it is not the biggest Trump Presidency scandal– in a typical Trump week.

Also noteworthy, not only did Trump AKA “David Dennison” forget to sign his non-disclosure agreement with Stormy Daniels AKA “Peggy Peterson”– word is that Michael Cohen, Trump’s lawyer, was irritated due to not having been repaid the “PP” $130,000 payoff.

See how difficult and exhausting keeping up with Trump is?

This writing has not even got to the part where Devin Nunes wrote the worst defense memo (probably ever) to defend Trump.  Who does not remember the Nunes narrative “they spied on a known Russian sympathizer when he was not even on the Trump campaign, so BOOM!  Hillary Clinton and Obama did it!”

Thus, due to the level of the ridiculous neverending pit of Trump disaster, it is time to skip past the other two months of 2018 and go straight to a purposeful conclusion.   However, a documented offering of the first two insane Trump to kick off 2018 can be viewed within Trumpageddon: New Year, Same Dotard and the second week.

The straightforward deal is that the “Alternative reality” Trump train is out of control and continuing to pummel American democracy.   Therefore, now is not the time for arguments based on theoretical partisan political ideological differences, this Trump disaster is real and is happening.   Today,  all Americans need to come together to “Repeal and Replace” those that stand in the way of truth, justice, and canceling the Trump reality show– all as a means to pass their own desired agendas.

Do not forget as the 2018 mid-term election continues to approach, please take this forthcoming opportunity to stand together against the likes of Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan, Devin Nunes, and all the other comrades and Trump rubber stamps– VOTE THEM OUT!

Writing is my passion, whether you agree, disagree, love, or hate the expression of my passion is not important. What is important, is that those that read my words are never bored by doing so.

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