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The Three Chumps in it’s Mueller Time

By Darrell Roberts

Welcome to another edition of the series that covers the recent antics of Paul (Manafort), Jared (Kushner), and Jr (Donald Trump Jr), collectively the trio known as the Three Chumps.  In this edition, once again, true to their nature, each of the rascals finds themselves in a bit of a quandary.

First up, Donald Trump Jr.:

While off on a bigly business trip to India promoting luxurious Trump properties, Trump Jr. would find his actions being criticized for being unethical.   Apparently, Trump’s desire to sell one billion dollars worth of units has led some to suggest the situation is ripe for pro-quo dealings.

One such critic, Richard Painter, a professor of law and former chief ethics lawyer to President George W. Bush, states:

“If at dinner, he’s going to talk about United States government policy, that suggests a linkage between United States government official action and people buying condominiums [who] have an opportunity to influence United States government.”

Noting that since the President refused to divest,  Painter adds:

“The president owns it.  So the sons are basically negotiating on behalf of the president. … They’re basically working for him, going around trying to cut deals where Trump is going to make a lot of money.”

Also, Jr is being criticized for liking a tweet promoting a conspiracy.  To make matters even worse, a 14-year old ratted Jr. out to his mom (step-mom but still), by tweeting:

Poor Dotard Jr.   However, things are not looking much better for Chump #2, Jared Kushner.

How is Jared Kushner ever supposed to establish world peace when he still lacks a permanent security clearance?   Of course, the rascal did not help his case by incorrectly forgetting to include ALL of his foreign contacts, in addition to his questionable business connections.   In fact, Mr. Kushner’s financial dealings are now reportedly being further scrutinized by special counsel Robert Mueller.   Despite their troubles, both Trump Jr and Kushner find themselves currently in a better position than Chump #3, Paul Manafort.

Perhaps working with all those pro-Russian politicians rubbed off on Mr. Manafort as now he finds himself facing a long list of charges.  That is right.  Special counsel Robert Mueller and team continue to hit Paul where it really hurts–time and money.

Time as in, Paul Manafort finds himself facing a lot of time in prison.   Unfortunately for him, not only does Mueller’s indictment claim wrong-doing by Mr. Manafort, but it also includes a long list of specific details (to read the indictment).   They followed the money trail, and as a result, Manafort stands accused of trying to hide 30 million of the 75 million dollars that just “flowed through” off-shore accounts.   That’s our Chump, always finding himself all caught up in silly money laundering, payoffs, and conspiracy schemes.

To further compound Manafort’s problems, Mr. Mueller may also be able to leverage his financial woe’s against him such as loans received while “engaged in the bankruptcies of properties in California.”   As if Mueller needed any additional assistance, long-time Manafort associate, Rick Gates, agreed to plead guilty and “spill the beans.”

If all the current problems were not enough for The Three Chumps, now comes word that the special counsel has increased interest in the trios June 2016 “nothing” meeting that was held at Trump Tower to learn about some Russian acquired Clinton “dirt.”    Now, all three will have to likely answer some difficult questions.

Why did none of the Chumps tell Donald Trump?

Why did Trump Sr. have to invent a phony excuse for Jr. that just so happened to be about the same “adoption” topic that had just been discussed, during an unscheduled dinner meeting, between the President and Putin*?

*Note: Since the discussion was impromptu, no American interpreters accompanied the President, it was just him, Putin, and Russians.

What are the odds that the Russians would bring two “translators” to the meeting that just so happen to be linked to multi-billion dollar money laundering and data theft?

Why would a cash-strapped Paul Manafort write Trump a letter pleading to work for the campaign… for free?

Stay tuned to Eat Pray Vote to discover the answers to these questions, and more… in the meantime, enjoy a few tremendous reads in the Trump/Russia saga:

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