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Why Democrats Lose

By Nathan Hale

In full disclosure, I am a conservative. I believe in trickle-down economics and balanced budgets. I am pro-Second Amendment and anti-abortion. I think George W. Bush will be remembered in history as one of our better presidents. I think the Reagan Administration was the model for a presidency. I was a Republican all of my adult life – until they nominated Trump. I am now an Independent.

Let me speak to progressives now.

I could never become a Democrat. I disagree with too many of your beliefs. I did, however, consider throwing in with Democrats for the next few elections to rid the GOP of the Trump infestation. The reasons why I cannot are the same reasons Democrats lost 2016 and will not gain much ground in 2018 – which should have been a “blue wave” and will now not even tickle the sand. Let me tell you why:

You are too idealistic.

You believe in a world that does not exist, has never existed, and will never exist. Don’t get me wrong, I admire your intentions. But they’re utopian. You have a credibility problem.

Most of us believe that once something’s been tried and has failed, tried again and has failed again, it should not be tried another time. We believe in facts and statistics. No matter how many times something has failed, or how many facts and how much empirical evidence you’re given, you simply cannot be moved. What matters most is how you feel, not what’s factual.  What’s true for you is what you feel should be true, not what is actually true.

And then there’s the problem of insincerity (I chose the least offensive word I could find).

You claim abortion is not murder because the fetus is not a child, then advocate abortion rights up to the moment of birth. We don’t believe you.

You claim we need to protect children from school-shooters, then flatly reject putting armed security in schools to protect the children. We don’t believe you.

You claim you want “sensible gun reform”, then advocate for a ban on all semi-automatic firearms. Some of you going so far as to advocate total confiscation. We don’t believe you.

You claim to defend freedom of religion when the issue is Islam, then attack Christianity with revulsion. We don’t believe you.

You claim to defend the Constitution, then cherry-pick which parts you’re willing to follow. We don’t believe you.

When it comes to politics, your idealism is crushing. For progressives, Perfect is the enemy of Good. Given the choice between getting eighty-percent of what you want or nothing, you choose nothing.

Just today, the California Democratic Party refused to endorse Dianne Feinstein, who wants a complete federal takeover of the healthcare system and total confiscation of firearms, because she’s not progressive enough – and endangered what should be an insanely safe Senate Seat.

You refused to unite behind Hillary Clinton because she wasn’t progressive enough and because you couldn’t have an avowed socialist, Bernie Sanders – and you elected Trump.

The only reason you beat Roy Moore (thank God) in Alabama was that Doug Jones was a moderate Democrat – and you just barely won that contest. Had Doug Jones professed even half of what most progressives demand he’d have lost – even to Roy Moore.

I’m not telling you this to insult or upset you. I believe what’s best for America is a moderate approach. I believe both the extreme left and extreme right are bat-crap crazy, and should not hold power. I believe that if Democrats could adopt a moderate position – take half of what you want, give half to Republicans – they would win.

With the GOP in disarray, off-the-rails with Trumpism, we need a moderate Democrat government. It would be good for the country. It would be the easiest political victory in American history.

But it won’t happen. Democrats will not gain many seats in 2018 and Republicans will win the presidency again in 2020. Trump may not be the candidate (come on, Bob Mueller) but the GOP will keep the White House.

You are your own worst enemies. And that makes me sad for the country. You will continue to lose. And you deserve it.

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