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Trump/Russia: “No Collusion” Mission Accomplished

By Darrell Roberts

A very stable genius recently said, “They are laughing their asses off in Moscow. Get smart America!”

The same stable genius also sent numerous tweets to point out how everyone else but him was guilty of something or other.  He was quick to remind all that he never said –well, half the words that he said that are also widely available on video.  Of course, all the while, maintaining there was “no collusion.”

Perhaps, it was you that colluded?

Then the most stable of a genius would finish his recent tweet storm stampede with a random NASCAR tweet:

One must wonder, President Trump– are you mad, bro?

It would appear that the President is angry.    Can anyone blame him?

This Russia ordeal was over back in November 2017, while flying on Air Force, when Trump assured everyone that Putin declared:

“He said he didn’t meddle.  He said he didn’t meddle. I asked him again.”

Trump would also inform everyone that “you can only ask so many times.”

Who knew that?  Nobody knew that.

Apparently, all it takes is to ask Putin so many times about meddling before it becomes evident that Russia “absolutely did not meddle in our election” and that Putin “did not do what they are saying he did.”

After so many Putin strong denials, apparently, it becomes insulting to Honest Vlad.

Naturally, such limits do not apply to “Crooked” Hillary Clinton, Barrack Hussein Obama, Gold Star families, the FBI, Democrats, anyone else Trump may not like,  and, if necessary, even America itself.   In fact, all those folks are obviously guilty– as a sheer convenience to Trump and his supporting ilk.

What about “Due Process?” 

Due Process?  Never heard of her, but unquestionably, President Trump never arranged his cronies to pay her any hush money.

When it comes to the Russia investigation, here is the straightforward truth:  All the endless Hillary Clinton investigations and searches for that “real” Obama birth certificate turned up less criminality, and fake identifications than Robert Mueller’s team has discovered–in under one full year.

Perhaps, the next time the Grand Old Party wishes to investigate Hillary, maybe they will turn to one of their best and brightest investigators, Robert Mueller?  How difficult would it be for a judicial bad-ass like Mueller to discover a crime by a known “Nasty woman” that is so “Crooked” that people publicly chant to just “Lock Her Up” and toss away the key?

But, here is the deal.

If Mueller is unable to find the crimes–it likely never happened.  Deal?   After that investigation is complete, Mueller’s skillset could then work to locate the “real” birth certificate too.   President Trump and his fans should jump at such a fantastic deal, right?

Well, here’s the catch.   The quicker Mueller and team can uncover Russia’s antics, the faster they can solve the Hillary and Obama dilemmas.

Now, some might wonder is it possible that– President Donald Trump’s latest outburst along with his non-stop “no collusion” claims, the firing of James Comey, and an apparent desire to fire anyone investigating him, to include Mr. Mueller — be because Trump is fearful?

Make no mistake, Robert Mueller and his team are high-grade.  However, there is no way that President Trump is afraid of the truth.   After all, he is the greatest, the toughest, the fittest multiple time draft deferment POTUS– EVER!   So, if he says, “no collusion”– a bunch of times, why would anyone question him?

Sure, the President he lies– a lot.   But he would never lie about “no collusion.”   Consider, just like  President Putin; Trump has repeatedly denied any involvement.  That must mean he’s innocent, right?

However, before we exonerate Trump by his word, here’s a summary of the Trump/Russia ordeal– it is complicated; it involves such drags like research and reading.   Who wants to read?  That’s too difficult. Instead, most find it easier to rely on a favorite TV or radio news personality.  Besides, what does Sean Hannity have to gain by telling his audience lies?

In fact, a fair evaluation would likely conclude that the mainstream media (MSM) has been doing some of their best journalist work in decades–that includes, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wallstreet Journal, and numerous other organizations (but does not include Mr. Hannity).

Unfortunately, those unable or unwilling to invest time scouring the excellent journalism readily available (both online or in print) are likely finding themselves misled by the television news outlets.  Some news stations are blatantly ignoring the truth (talking to you Fox “news” sans a few “real” news personnel such as Shep Smith) while others are going out of their way to provide 50/50 panel debate (Don Lemon, you’re better than that, sir).

The question is why?

Unmistakably, Fox “News” intent is to provide the narrative their Trump-loving audience wishes to hear, at all costs.    As for the likes of CNN, they often end up like a dog chasing today’s passing Trump driven car trying to appear “fair & balanced” (ironic, huh?).

The most significant problem of the rating chasing MSM is that the Russia/Trump story is complicated.

It requires deep understanding and explanations of, frankly, often-times dull material.  However, America needs someone to step up.

So, the following plead is for the MSM (minus Fox) to forsake ratings, abandon chasing the Trump car of the day– and do the “hard” work to inform the American public of more than the latest Trump affair pay-off.   For example,  let us conduct a quick review of the most recent news in the Trump/Russia investigation, shall we?

Alright,  Mueller just indicted 13 Russians and 3 Russian companies for meddling in America’s 2016 election.   The accused are alleged to have utilized sophisticated propaganda measures as an act of cyberwarfare against the United States.

Thus, those that dismiss this indictment due to “none of dem [sic] Russians made me change my vote!”   Maybe that is true, but it lacks depth in understanding and addressing the Russians goal.

The Russians were ultimately trying to sow discourse in the United States, and they wished to harm Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid.  To do so, they not only helped Trump, but they also gave a helping hand to the likes of Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein.

As for the election itself, it remains to be seen whether Russia managed to change votes, but they did access state databases (which has been reported since 2016).   They also focused on “purple” states.   One could argue, that the Russians realized it was much easier to suppress some voters while encouraging a high turnout of others.   Let us not forget, the 2016 Election came down to three key states:  Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

A December 2016 Vanity Fair report highlights— Clinton “lost” the three states as mentioned above (and the election) by fewer votes than a mid-sized football stadium.

That is right.

Despite nearly 3 million more national votes, Hillary Clinton’s loss came down to less than 80,000.  In the crucial three states–Jill Stein was the selected candidate for over 100,000 ballots.  Thus, is it not possible that Russia’s amplified propaganda campaign was able to dampen the turnout while also providing a lousy alternative for likely Hillary voters?  At the same time, could they have also sparked would-be Trump voters to run to the polls to keep the Black Lives Matter and Muslim take over that the Russians assured was to occur if Clinton was elected?

Sure, it is possible, it even looks like what the Russians may have done.  In the most genius strategy, they also made sure to leave plausible deniability.

Without a doubt, the Russians succeeded in their mission to cost Hillary Clinton the election and to sow discourse within American democracy.   Therefore, they will be back.   Now, what matters, not as a partisan or anti-Trump position, but as a pro-American democracy patriotic stand –all “real” Americans should want to discover what Russia did, then force, and keep them out of U.S. democracy.

Since President Trump loves and believes in America so much, he should lead and set the example for all “real” Americans–to get the Russians out and keep ’em out!

Everyone knows, Trump/Russia is a ruse.  After all, President Trump has told us enough times that “no collusion” occurred– just like Putin, had provided his assurance.   So the President should have faith in  Robert Mueller’s investigation to uncover the truth and prove to the world– “no collusion.”

Writing is my passion, whether you agree, disagree, love, or hate the expression of my passion is not important. What is important, is that those that read my words are never bored by doing so.

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