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Trump/Russia: Un-Follow the Distraction

By Darrell Roberts

In President Trump’s latest attempt to employ his 3-D chess game, known as The Art of Distraction, he assures “no collusion!”:

Like any chess master, only Trump can answer why he’s distracting the masses?

It could be about a number of diverse subjects, after all, in Trump world, the scandals run aplenty and come lightning quick.  For instance, America’s First Lady (but not the President’s, wink wink) opted to make her own travel arrangements to this weekend’s Mar-A-Lago getaway.  In her own chess move, only the First Lady can answer what her actions are trying to indicate.

Is it the news that Trump’s longtime lawyer, Michael Cohen, paid the hush money to Stormy Daniels and also might have implicated criminal wrong-doing?   Or even worse,  Cohen’s admission may have also broken the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) which means Stormy days are forthcoming?

Imagine, if the NDA has been violated, how much interest, money, and shame would the tale of Stormy Daniels along with her gold dress fetch?

Or maybe the First Lady’s response was fueled by the new Pre-Presidential but post-marriage affair allegation?

Even Trump’s distractions create a seemingly endless diversion.   So, back to the subject-at-hand, the real deal, what truly matters in the absurd reality Presidency that has been unleashed upon the American people:

Today, 13 Russians along with three Russian entities were indicted by Robert Mueller’s team (#MuellerTime) for their part in a meddling conspiracy to wage cyber warfare during the 2016 U.S. election.  The 37-page indictment lays out a distinct and compelling case that serves to highlight precisely the level of depth of Russia’s campaign to disrupt American democracy.   Here is an opportunity for all “real” Americans to read the indictment.

In fact, instead of heading back to Mar-A-Lago, President Trump should have followed the advice of Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s Twitter declaration:

Rather the President chose not to comment (other than his Twitter declaration) as he headed off on his weekend of golf with and a visit to the scene of America’s latest school massacre.   Perhaps after meeting with the victims, President Trump will adopt a different position on both widespread availabilities of AR-15s and the Russians–since the Russian troll-bots are already reported to be promoting a pro-gun campaign.

Based on this report, not likely:

Dang, a mere six minutes is likely not enough time to change one’s hardline opinion.

However, Trump has spent much more time denying Russia meddling.  One could reason that President Trump, having just learned it was not “China” or some 400-lb New Jersey fellow–but was the Russians that meddled, he might feel like a fool for believing and pushing the Putin “wasn’t Russia” narrative.

Would that not be a typical reaction to learning one has been long duped?

Or will the President just stick to his scheduled working vacation content to dismiss the latest discovery as another “no collusion” bit?   We shall wait and see.

If the President was a reader (much evidence and reports suggest he’s not), he might wish to skip a round of golf and read the latest indictment.   After doing so, President Trump may realize team Trump no longer needs to worry about “collusion.”   No, now team Trump needs to worry about “NO CONSPIRACY.”

Word to the guilty, don’t look behind you, but the good ole U.S.A. is well on the way to opening up a can of whoop-ass.

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