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The Art of Distraction

By Darrell Roberts

In the world of President Trump, the more things change, the more they stay the same.  If nothing else, President Donald J. Trump is a master at the art of distraction.  For instance, check out the following declaration from the article “The Divider-In-Chief-Knows: Distraction”:

President Trump sparks ridiculous outrage as a method to redirect our collective attention.  Why?

Seemingly each and every time news comes out to further implicate President Trump, his family, or other present and past associates–the POTUS lobs a big hyperbolic distraction.  One can highlight the bigly failings of #DotardDonald but one must, needs to, admit his redirection efforts work.   President Trump controls the narrative, when he chooses to change the public conversation–he does.

Despite all of his recent troubles (and there has been many, believe me) the President has returned to control the narrative by dropping a barrage of random tweets:

The report highlights Trump’s disturbing and distracting tweets of that particular day–in October 2017–which was also when the original piece was written.  Four months later and what has changed? 

A recent recap of a tumultuous span of events shows:

  • President Trump gives a dull State of the Union address.
  • Followed by approving the release of a politically charged memo.
  • He would later refuse to release the Democrats’ rebuttal.
  • Plus, let’s not forget to include a sprinkle of Trump shade to label non-clapping Democrats as “Un-American” and “jokingly” declaring them guilty of “treason.”
  • The President also expressed a desire for his own third-world dictator-esque military parade.

Then, the President just seamlessly moved forward into releasing new tweets of distraction.  The first was to attack the Democrats memo, while also perhaps attempting to undermine the Russia investigation:

Slightly over an hour later, Trump would declare a need for “Due Process”–which all know only applies to people that he favors (which includes Rob Porter, Roy Moore, Joe Arpaio, Vladimir Putin, etc.).  Conveniently, “Due Process” can be skipped when it comes to those such as “Crooked” Hillary Clinton, Barrack Hussein Obama, James Comey, Democrats, Mexicans, Muslims, and Ted Cruz’s dad.

Again, four months later, what has changed?

While those around the President remain in neverending peril, with the fate of many (such as General Flynn, Sean Spicer, Reince, Priebus, Tom Price, Steve Bannon, and a long list of etc.) already sealed, each meeting an end comparable to Icarus.   Like Icarus, they ignored the warning of flying to close to the sun, only to see their wings melt before meeting their bigly crash.  Perhaps, these folks snubbed the tale of Icarus because they figured the sun of Trumpageddon was not all that bright–but, they were wrong.

As for President Trump–what has changed?  Absolutely nothing, day after day, week after week, his endless offering of chaotic distraction marches onward.  A grim reality reveals that for all of his shortcomings, failures, hypocrisy, and ridiculousness–President Trump is winning.

The one elite quality that Donald J. Trump has is his ability to understand and manipulate the narrative by just refusing to acknowledge reality.  Unlike the majority of the world, President Trump is a world-class liar, not at telling lies, but at ignoring the outrage.   He does not bother to own up to his outrageousness knowing it will be forgotten with the next indignity.

In truth, Trump faces no price nor consequences.

Every day that President Trump’s approval rating is higher than zero is another Trump victory.   However, the sad reality is that his disapproval numbers tend to remain in the same place, regardless, then occasionally his support gradually begins to climb (usually after a less outrageous period or if he says something popularly racist).

Thus, the American public barely hears about one outrage–and Trump is already onto the next as he feeds a scattered brained narrative to an equally scattered brained main-stream media (MSM).   The most significant danger Trump presents (other than blowing up the whole world) is his usurpation of American institutions.   President Trump has exposed a flaw in the system to the exploitation of any future would-be dictators.   Perhaps, Trump will not topple American democracy, but he might be the crude pre-cursor for future attempts that may conceivably succeed.  This Trump dilemma and future impact lead to an important question:

How should America deal with a President Donald J. Trump?

First, the MSM needs to stop chasing the latest outrage if it does not rise to the level of the previously unaccounted Trump assaults–not all controversies are equal, stop treating them as such.

Secondly, the MSM should begin to refrain from trying to appear so neutral that they turn every Trump fiasco into a 50/50 debate.  No, we do not need Jason Miller explaining how Trump was gifted to do whatever he wants because of his election victory.   Besides, Trump already has his die-hard mouthpieces (and a “performance artist“).

Third, the MSM would be wise to counter every Trump “no collusion” with a running reminder that shows why Trump/Russia: Follow the $$$, Follow the Dead RussiansFollow the Meeting, and Selling The Presidency all matter.

What about the American people, how should they deal with a Trump presidency?

First, realize that no matter what Trump claims, such as Christopher Steele’s dossier or the allegations against Roy Moore are politics-based attacks, he will always have loyalists.  For these folks, will continue to say, “Give Trump a Chance” as if the Trump backlash is a mere score to get even.   They willingly chalk up every outrage as an attack by the defenders of the secret Kenyan Muslim that took everyone’s guns along with his wicked henchwoman that magically gets away with committing the greatest of crimes–all because of something known as “Due Process.”

However, the most important word of advice remains the same as it was back in October 2017, as “The Divider-In-Chief-Knows: Distraction” relevantly concludes:

The sad truth remains that until Trump loses, he will continue to win.  Reasonable folks can have all the outrage they wish, but it does not matter–if Trump continues to win.  Congress has proven that they will not wholly stand-up to President Trump.  In fact, it’s a “big” news story when someone like a Senator Bob Corker acknowledges the incompetence, lack of discipline, and the clear and present danger of a Trump Presidency.

Today is the day that all anti-Trumpers come together to refocus and to begin working toward neutralizing the #Dotard agenda and to put a stop to the “Rise of the Planet of the Apes Trumps.”   Make no mistake that is our future if we continue to allow ourselves to be easily divided by reality show dramatics.  The first step to ending the Trump drama show begins today.   As the 2018 elections are in sight,  the public outrage toward Trump’s antics must appear in voter turnout.  Nobody is saying that one must vote Democrat, but one must vote against all candidates that will not resist the Trump regime.

Knowledge is power, attached is a list of 2018 election seats to be contested for the Senate and the House.   It is time to vote out the likes of “Lying” Ted Cruz, “Russian” Dana Rohrabacher, and Darrell Issa.  Just think, if successful in removing the inept G.O.P. from power, we then briefly enjoy another Trump Twitter meltdown before we ramp up to ensure Trump is out no later than January 2021.   Ask yourself, “Do I really want a President Trump until January 2025?”

No?  Then get to work.

Writing is my passion, whether you agree, disagree, love, or hate the expression of my passion is not important. What is important, is that those that read my words are never bored by doing so.

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