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The Mike Pence Embarrassment at the Olympics

By Susan Kuebler

Mike Pence must have decided that Donald Trump shouldn’t get all the credit for being a national and international embarrassment for the United States.  At the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games, being held in South Korea, he managed to act that a spoiled brat who decided that he wasn’t going to play the game fairly so he wouldn’t play at all.

Pence and his wife, what’s her name, were the official leaders of the U.S. delegation for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games.  Obviously someone failed to brief him on the history and the purpose of the Olympics.  Back in the day, when the original Olympic games were held in Greece to honor the gods of Mount Olympus, sparring city-states like Athens and Sparta would put aside their differences and even open warfare once every four years to participate in the games.

When the modern Olympics were re-envisioned in 1896, while certainly not to honor ancient Greek gods, the same principle of setting aside politics and international squabbles so that athletes from around the world could celebrate sports above politics was prevalent.  This path has not always been a smooth one.  Anyone alive who saw the 1972 Olympic games in Munich will never forget the horror and hours of terror as we watched on television members of the Palestinian Liberation Army take prisoner a group of Israeli athletes.  Those athletes later died in a failed rescue attempt.

Nor should we forget the boycott of the 1980 Olympics in Russia by then President Jimmy Carter to protest the presence of Russian troops fighting in – wait for it – Afghanistan.  However, Mike Pence misused both his role as leader of the U.S. delegation and Vice President of the United States when he and his wife both failed to stand for the joint North and South Korean athletes who marched in the Opening Ceremonial parade.

But wait, you might ask, isn’t it a good thing that he wouldn’t recognize those horrible North Koreans?  Haven’t they been threatening to nuke us?  True, but remember this was a joint delegation comprised of both North and South Korean athletes.  If South Korea is willing to set aside differences, even if only for a few days, then we should honor, not disrespect their decision.

However, it gets even worse. Most of you remember when this same Mike Pence spent thousands of our taxpayer dollars so he could show up at a football game then leave it as soon as some of the players took a knee during the playing of our National Anthem.  Trump has been banging a loud drum calling these players “unpatriotic” and “un-American.”

Well what Pence did during the opening ceremonies was far more unpatriotic and un-American than anything those football players ever conceived of doing.  Not only did he and his wife remain seated when the joint Korean team marched by, they sat on their “holier than thou” butts for EVERY SINGLE TEAM except for the United States.

This is not what America or our athletes represent.  This was an international embarrassment not only to those fine young athletes from around the world, but to the United States of America as well.  This was unpatriotic.  This was un-American.

Both Pence and his wife should have been called for “unsportsmanlike behavior” and ejected from the Games.

"All shall be well and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well". Julian of Norwich.

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