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Fool Me Once Shame On You. Fool Me Twice Shame on Me

By Susan Kuebler

The Republican Party said that if we gave them control of Congress and the White House, they would fix all of America’s problems.  Well, we did, and they haven’t.

Instead of standing for fiscal responsibility, Trump, Ryan, and McConnell passed one of the most massive tax cuts in recent history.  But the tax cuts are designed to help big business, while providing little to no relief to the vast majority of Americans.  So this $1.5 trillion dollar tax cut has instead, moved the need to raise the deficit ceiling one month earlier, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

Then on Thursday night, or more accurately Friday morning, the Senate passed a bill, essentially the same as one passed by the House earlier, which The Washington Post reports would expand the federal deficit by $1.5 trillion dollars over the next ten years.  That’s a combined increase of $3.0 trillion dollars and who is going to pay for it?  Us, that’s who.  Speaker Paul Ryan is already making noises that cuts to Social Security and Medicare are going to be needed to make up the difference.

What happened to the party of fiscal responsibility and smaller government?  You know, the party that many Americans voted for in 2016.  Well, you certainly can’t include Donald Trump in that group.  During the campaign he proved he didn’t understand the difference between the national debt and the trade deficit.  He probably still hasn’t figured it out earlier.

Speaking of Trump, he sent out the following tweet on Friday morning

Sounds like he’s pretty happy about the new budget legislation.  It’s going to help our military and bring in ‘JOBS, JOBS, JOBS!”

So how does one figure his next tweet, sent less than an hour after the above one.

If there were things in the bill you didn’t like, Mr. Trump, you didn’t have to sign the darned thing.  As opposed to “The Art of the Deal” – “The Art of Politics” frequently involves compromise between the two parties, where both sides get something they want, but nobody gets everything they want.  That’s how our country has managed since 1789.

What happened to the party that claimed it supported “family values”?  How did it manage to elect a New York philanderer who has five children by three different mothers?  A party that threw its backing behind a Senate candidate in Alabama who was accused by multiple women of using his office and its power to sexually abuse multiple women.  And lost that election. One where the White House recently fired a high-level aide after stories of his physically abusing not one, but two ex-wives surfaced – although there is plenty of evidence to show they were aware of his background long before it became public knowledge.

What happened to the party that promised to “Repeal and Replace” Obamacare?  They managed to repeal the individual mandate, which means that a higher financial burden is going to be placed on people who have no other alternative to healthcare, but couldn’t come up with any viable replacement.  Now they are working, state by state, to reduce access to Medicaid as well, by placing additional requirements that Medicaid recipients have to meet.

What happened to the party that has not only supported but encouraged legal immigration into our country?  Now they want to do away with the visa lottery and what they call “chain migration” instead of what it truly is – family reunion immigration.  They don’t even see the irony in that Melania Trump would never have been able to bring her parents into this country if it weren’t for the so-called “chain migration.”

What happened to the party that has supported law enforcement and stood four square behind our intelligence community?  Their leaders have caved to Trump’s (understandable) paranoia regarding Russian interference in the 2016 election and the role his campaign might have been involved.  But their answer has not been to discover the truth, but to burn to the ground the very institutions designed to serve, protect, and defend us – the FBI.  Already polls are showing a shrinking confidence in the FBI, and the relentless attacks by Trump and other Republicans are directly responsible for it.

Well Republicans – you fooled us one.  That shame is on you.  But the American voters are not going to be fooled by your empty promises or your pitiful lack of leadership.  But if they do – then shame on us.

"All shall be well and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well". Julian of Norwich.

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