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Trump Kills Two Birds With One Tweet

By David Malcolm

It’s hard to know whether to feel sorry for the staff of the White House. The silence of both Republicans and the White House administration in the face of Trump’s constant scandals is deafening at times and it is clear that no one has any control over him. On the other hand, anyone who’s had a bad boss can clearly sympathize with the staff when Trump contradicts and undermines them, rendering their hard work meaningless.

John Kelly, the chief of staff at the White House, is probably regretting his support of Trump after his comments that Trump’s views on immigration and the infamous border wall were evolving, that Trump had changed his mind on the issue in light of a government shutdown.

Trump changing his mind on an issue that he pushed from the first day of his presidential campaign! A willingness to avoid a government shutdown and put others before himself! It seemed almost too good to be true and it was. Trump quickly killed two birds with one tweet, undermining both his chief of staff and his party’s efforts to avoid a shutdown.

Kelly is getting a good idea of what almost every other high-ranking member of Trump’s administration has been contending with. What was he expecting? This is pure Trump! One could almost feel sorry for him, even after he himself repeatedly defended Trump’s actions and endorsed the man’s views on media. Loyalty is one thing, but to simply bow to him and explain his actions away like everyone else in the Republican Party is quite another.

The Republicans are now really upset with Trump. Once again, their boss is diverting from the pre-prepared script and throwing a toolbox into the works. Sticking to the border wall is bad enough, but Republicans hoped to woo Democratic votes with long-term funding for Chip, a popular piece of health insurance for children. Republicans support it and Democrats are reluctant to vote against it.

Now Trump has left his own lawmakers scrambling to save the deal. Now, Democrats have all the cover they need to point at the President’s own words and blame him for fouling up the deal. The vote for tonight is tight enough as it is and a government shutdown on Friday could damage the GOP and Trump.

Then again, Trump wanted a government shutdown to happen back in May last year, to help him drain the swamp and fix the mess in Washington. Perhaps he should be granted his wish. Perhaps, both sides should just let it happen and let Trump deal with everything himself. He wants to be praised for his success, fine, but let him shoulder the burdens of failure as well.

Time is running out for Republicans. They need a solution as good as the last one, the one their boss just blew out of the water by undermining his own chief of staff.

Good luck with that!

I'm a historian based in the UK who likes jumping from one thought to next. I love to learn new things and explore other ideas.

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