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Make America 1984 Again?

By Darrell Roberts

“Perhaps a lunatic was simply a minority of one”  George Orwell1984.

Shortly after assuming the Presidency,  Donald Trump and those within his administration went to work telling lies.  Or as, Kellyanne Conway said, Sean Spicer’s White House take on the inauguration crowd size were not lies but  “alternative facts.”

Did you know, can you remember that the Trump administration along with Conway’s “alternative facts” sparked a sales surge of a classic George Orwell work?   It’s true.  Orwell’s 1984  would claim “the #1 best-selling book on Amazon…nearly 70 years after it was first published.”  One must be surprised that Trump did not Tweet, “Nobody boosts the economy by selling more dystopian novels than me, believe me.”

Sure, 1984’s “Ignorance is strength” along with concepts like “double-speak” are certainly applicable to the Trump administration.  However, as the book affirms, sometimes two plus two does not equal four.  Sometimes it might equal three.  Other times maybe the total equals five.  However, 1984 as a “best” representation of the Trump administration does not add up.

First, the regime within 1984 maintains dominance by “Watching you.”  As modern-day society has shown, being watched does not seem to be a big deal–all they had to do was invent cell phones.  Another HUGE miss of the book to capture Trump’s aura is that the repressive state was already dominant.  The media and history were already controlled, re-written, and as earlier indicated–they had moved on to changing the math.  In this regard, the 1984 authoritarian was far more advanced than Trump.  In truth, Trump would be best represented by a 1984 prequel with a title such as “The Art of Making  America 1984 Again.”   But these are forgivable, but the most significant misrepresentation of 1984 on Trump is not.

The suspense builds.   What is this bigly 1984 travesty?

To answer such a question, one must merely watch this CNN commercial.   The spirit of CNN’s attempt is admirable, but it is feeble in delivery.   A viewer could reasonably conclude that CNN’s “this is an apple” commercial is an indictment of Trump’s neverending lies and insults.

No, 1984, Trump is not a dictator (yet).  No, CNN–he’s probably not an apple either (but might become an (IM)peach).  To borrow from CNN’s commercial, some might claim (insert picture of Trump) as a President.  They may even yell, “President, President, President.”  But this is a pig.

Donald Trump is a PIG.

Luckily, another Orwell classic features pigs and perfectly fits the bill (but never Hillary) to capture Trump’s authoritative “spirit animal.”  Welcome to Trump Farm.

Of course, it is mandatory to never use an Orwell classic, such as “Animal Farm”, unless the new work can serve justice to the magnificent original.  To achieve this goal, the writing of “Trump Farm” will be given ample space and requires being told in its own article.

Hence, this writing should be seen as your Welcoming to Trump Farm.

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