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Jeff Flake Announces Senate Immigration Deal

By Susan Kuebler

Senator Jeff Flake (R. AZ) recently announced that a bi-partisan agreement on immigration by a group of Senators from both parties had been reached.

The main issues that appear to have been resolved are the following:

  • Border security
  • Diversity visa lottery
  • Chain migration/family reunification
  • The Dream Act

However, the announcement does not provide any specifics on what the Senators agreed upon.

Does border security include the Wall that Donald Trump goes back and forth on?  According  statement  by White House advisor KellyAnne Conway, told CNN News Sunday that may no longer be true:

Wow, that’s amazing.  After a year in office, Donald Trump “discovers” there are things like rivers and mountains that would make it nearly impossible to build a wall.

Are we keeping, reducing, or eliminating the diversity visa lottery?  There is no information, but as long as Trump gets enough visa to hire foreigners to work for him at his Mar-A-Lago resort, he probably does give a flying rat’s ass.

Chain migration/family reunification is definitely a touchy and complex issue.  When one considers that this is how many immigrants have come to America over the centuries, it may be harder to reach consensus on this one in Congress.  But we can only hope they have agreed upon a resolution that will not only be fair to people already living in the United States (and are separated from families) but to future immigrants and their families as well.

However, this point apparently got under Donald Trump’s skin during the negotiations.  According to the Washington Post Trump reported Trump asked “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries coming here?”  He then suggested we should bring in more people from countries like Norway. Really Donald?  Why not just come out and say we only want white people immigrating to the U.S.  Because that certainly is what it sounds like.

The Dreamer Act has always been near and dear to Lindsey Graham’s heart, so it is not surprising to see that issue being one that the team discussed and came up with a resolution for.

The team has been meeting for four months according to the announcement.  Now they just face two major obstacles:

Donald Trump and Congress

Trump has changed his mind on most of these issues so many times, even after supposedly reaching agreements with Congressional leaders Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, that the Democrats’ collective heads are probably still spinning.  But on the plus side, Trump is even more desperate to sign a significant piece of legislation, even if it means turning his back on his base, then he may not be a major stumbling block.

Congress, on the other hand, may be an entirely different story.  It is one thing for a small group of Senators to come up with a plan to help resolve some of the more pressing issues regarding immigration reform, but that doesn’t necessarily translate into an easy sell to their colleagues in the Senate and the House.  Does anybody remember the Gang of 8?

But this is an encouraging sign to people who want to see true reform, especially regarding DACA children and their parents.  Let’s hope that these Senators know “The Art of The Deal.”

“All shall be well and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well”. Julian of Norwich.

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