Donald Trump, First Amendment

The Liar-in-Chief Wants Tougher Libel Laws

By Touché

Trump would like to take a stronger look at the libel laws on his 2018 agenda. What Trump wants is to have a state-run media. He, also, obviously wants to sue all those “fake news” folks. You know, the ones he rants and rages about constantly like a spoiled brat “child-in-chief”.

First off, this ignoramus is playing with fire…and fury here (pun intended, couldn’t help it). He is just throwing the Constitution out the window. He is playing with our free speech (a.k.a. the First Amendment). By the way, the media is included in that free speech First Amendment. For some reason, Trump thinks he’s going to solve his fake news problem by strengthening the libel laws…Wrong!

Trump doesn’t understand that the “purposeful lying” pendulum shifts both ways. Didn’t he say Obama wasn’t born here? In addition, didn’t he accuse the Obama admin of bugging his hotel room? Trump, himself, would be swamped with lawsuits sure to all of his purposeful lying. It would actually be rather entertaining if it were to happen. Twitter agrees:

A trio of hot messes right there.

Um…BOOM! Even if he does look into strengthening the libel laws, the supreme court already dealt with this bullcrap in 1964. Good luck there Trump buddy.

Excellent point. We, now, get to see where his priorities are at. Nevermind, first the ravaging fires and now the devastating mudslides in California. Nevermind, Puerto Rico and the fact that they still need basic human necessities (like food, water, housing, and electricity just to name a few). Nevermind, the unbelievable way that the government is ignoring Flint and how they do not have clean water yet.  Nevermind, the fact that he has single-handedly made a plethora of the world leaders either angry with us, frustrated with our inability to be a global team player or just the constantly antagonistic superior way he speaks to them and about them. Just never mind any of that.

Statement of the day, “Just because the truth hurts, doesn’t make it false.”

Trump, Put your big boy pants on and grow up. This is an American right that we have, this freedom of speech. Whether it be lies, truth, sarcasm, jokes, or anything of the such, it is ALL legal. Call the wambulance because this is going nowhere.

Sarcasm, satire, and snark just seem to spew from my being. I may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but who can refuse coffee? ?

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