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Trump’s Plan To Ruin The BSC Championship

By Susan Kuebler

While we don’t normally cover sporting events here, since Donald Trump has inserted himself into the National Football Championship game, this is now a fair topic.  In the interests of total transparency, both I and my husband are alumni of the great University of Georgia and die-hard Bulldog fans.

The game will be held in the suburbs of Atlanta at the new Mercedes-Benz stadium and already tightened security procedures have been implemented by the Atlanta Police Department.  According to a report by WSB-TV, at least 30 police and other forces such as the Georgia Bureau of Investigation have been planning on security measures for weeks.  But now that Trump just announced that he plans to attend the game, this is only going to add extra headaches and work for everyone.

If you have never driven in Atlanta, even under the best of conditions, this life-long resident of the area has a one-word warning for you – DON’T.  People in Atlanta just plain don’t know how to drive in traffic and the interstates with their interchanges were designed by homicidal maniacs.  You have to KNOW which exits require you to be in the left lane in order to go right on the next road.  And vice versa.  Because the signs aren’t going to help you out.

Fortunately, the stadium is located on the other side of town from the infamous  “Spaghetti Junction.”  But that should give you an idea how well the perimeter and its intersecting interstate I-75 and I-85 function.

Air Force One may land at Dobbins Air Reserve Base just north of the stadium, but he also has the choice of landing at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.  Either choice will cause havoc with the traffic.  With thousands of fans from Georgia and Aladamnbama planning on attending the game – and even more who can’t get tickets but plan to party in the immediate area – at least one of the major routes to the stadium will need to be closed in order to accommodate the presidential motorcade.

Trump may be operating under the delusion that he can appear at a major public event in the South, filled with people from Georgia and Aladamnbama, and receive a warm welcome.  Maybe he doesn’t realize that college football is waaay more important than politics in the South and his appearance is much more likely to cause resentment among those lifelong fans who either couldn’t get or couldn’t afford tickets to the game.  If his motorcade does cause delay or disruption to those fans lucky enough to have tickets, he is only going to infuriate even his most devoted supporters.

Why can’t he just stay at the White House and watch the game on one of the 60″ screens he’s got all over the place like the rest of the nation?  It’s not like Trump has ever been known as a sports fan.  No, he’s got to insert himself where is neither wanted or needed and make it all about himself instead of the teams who deserve the undivided attention of the fans.

These fans are turning out to cheer on their respective teams, either the Georgia Bullsdogs (GO DAWGS! WOOF, WOOF, WOOF) or the Crimson Tide of Alabama.  They could care less whether Donald Trump is in the stadium, except for the inconvenience he will cause them.  I could be wrong, but this may be his first appearance as president at an event that was not carefully controlled and scripted by his team.  The stadium is going to be filled with the demographics who tend to disapprove of his performance as president – college-educated, affluent, men and women.  Bubba from Valdosta ain’t gonna be able to get a ticket.

But there is another concern worrying this writer.  Anyone familiar with the political consultant and writer Rick Wilson are quite familiar with his famous Rule.  That rule is

“Everything Trump touches, dies.”

If he somehow manages to ruin the National Championship game between the teams from Georgia and Alabama, the South will rise again.  Against Trump.  And this time we’ll win.

"All shall be well and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well". Julian of Norwich.


  1. And this is another reason we have so many problems in our country. NEGATIVITY. Nothing but constant bitching and complaining. Wow, the South will rise again and against President Trump. Seriously, if the South rises because of a football game, then I’m ashamed of living here. Oh and I am from the “college-educated, affluent” demographics and I’m not alone in thinking that President Trump is doing a better job in running the country than the last few presidents preceding him; even if his personality is not what everyone would like to see.
    Bottom line is, everyone gets inconvenienced whether he comes here or not. And just how do you know “Bubba from Valdosta” won’t be able to afford the ticket? For all you know he can afford a lot more than you, including the compassion, positivity, logic, common sense, and the tickets for his entire Bubba Clan!
    This is one of the most shallow articles I’ve read in a long time.

    1. I’ll bet your just as happy that he’s spent $90,000,000 of your tax dollars playing golf in one year.

      1. How much money did Obama and Hilary Clinton cost us, the taxpayers? Oh but wait, they were trying to reform the country into a socialist platform where “it’s all good for us”. Obamacare is good for us. Hilary Clinton lying and covering up her dealings is good for us. Creating discord, animosity, straining international relationships, interfering with conflicts between other countries and supplying them weapons,fueling racial divide further than it’s ever been, all those things are also good for us. How much money was wasted in the last 8 years? Where were the jobs promised in those 8 years? Where was the economy?
        And did you get that 90 million for golf from the bought media too?

  2. My tickets are being sold today. My blood runs red and black, but if he is going then I’m not!!! Go Dawgs!!!!

  3. lmfao if you think “the south will rise again” over Trump attending a football game. You seriously are one pathetic person. If YOU and your croonies are going to support your dawgs and lend them your shoulder when “DamnBama” whips their ass, you shouldn’t be worried about Trump being. Kind of odd you have decided to speak for the ENTIRE Southern part of the US- don’t you think so? Hell you don’t speak for me! We are BAMA fans no matter who shows up to the game, whether the Tide win or lose- we all bleed Crimson, and surely we are not worried about Trump being there.. Dawgs and their fans are just looking for a reason for the game to be called because of the beat down they are about to get!


    1. You’re right. I am a Georgia fan. Not a lifelong one as my Daddy was from Alabama who also attended Georgia Tech, so growing up we never pulled for Georgia. But you certainly proved my point about how seriously people in the South take their college football teams. You won, but we stood tall and it certainly wasn’t a “beat down.”

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