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Donald Trump Saves The World: Again

By Susan Kuebler

No, you can’t make this stuff up.  If only we could.  In a tweet this morning, Donald Trump took personal credit for the report that there had been no deaths from commercial jet aviation in 2017.

Not only is this completely wrong – Trump has no authority over commercial aviation in any other countries around the world – it is also highly insensitive.  As reported by NBC News, 10 Americans, including members of two families, died in a small plane crash in Costa Rica on New Year’s Eve.  Their relatives are certainly glad to hear that you claimed there were no airline deaths in 2017 – thanks to you!

With a White House staff desperate to find “good news” stories to present to the Idiot-in-Chief every morning, this one must have made the top of the pile.  So naturally Trump not only tweeted it out (that would be fine) but he took credit for himself (that is not fine).

Needless to say, Twitter has come down on Trump without mercy.

Perhaps the airline industry has improved the safety of its airplanes.  Perhaps better monitoring and improved airport conditions around the world just might have something to do with this.

Perhaps it helps that the Russians didn’t shoot down any passenger planes this year – just saying Donald.

Trump supporters say that Never Trumpers don’t give Trump credit for anything good he has done.  Let’s see if we can fix that for him.  Here are some other things that Trump can take personal credit for in 2017:

He didn’t burn down the White House.

Well, he hardly ever spends any time there, with at least one out of every three days spent at one of his personal properties, but you gotta give him credit.  The White House is still standing.

Nobody died from a meteor strike in 2017

Trump has been very strict with meteors.  Didn’t he defeat the Sweet Meteor of Death in 2017?  No meteor would DARE strike us while The Donald is in office.

Nobody died from smallpox

Thanks to an extensive vaccination program (which apparently Donald Trump does not believe in) the deadly scourge of smallpox was virtually eradicated from the world.  A disease that once killed millions a year took its last victim in 1978 when the pathogen was accidentally released in a secure research facility.

But Trump does have control over the Centers for Disease Control, where samples of the deadly virus are stored, so thank goodness he has also been “very strict” about releasing the virus into the general population.

He didn’t mow down any innocent civilians driving his golf cart

At least, as far as we know, since no one is allowed to watch Trump play golf. There has been video of him driving his golf cart on the greens, which should make every self-respecting golfer revolt in horror, but when you’re a celebrity you can do anything.  During his recent visit to his Mar-A-Lago resort, a panel truck moved back and forth to block the news media from filming Trump whilst golfing.  So we are going with this statement on the lack of police reports.

There are no reports he slaughtered any puppies or kittens

Trump could have been correct when he stated during the campaign that he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not lose any voters – but a line that cannot be crossed must be drawn when it comes to puppies and kittens.  Trump is also the first President in ages not to have a pet in the White House.  He has probably never had a pet in his life.  Perhaps this has something to do with his fear of germs.

Yes, these are some pretty ridiculous claims.  But no more ridiculous that Trump taking credit for global aviation safety.

"All shall be well and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well". Julian of Norwich.

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