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Living Better and Simpler in 2018

By Grace Lidia Suarez

We know what we want in 2018: a changed America. A return to enlightened values, to a caring America, to an America that leads the free world again. This may not happen in 2018. In fact, it probably won’t. Even if Trump were removed from the presidency, his place would be taken by Pence, who is considered even worse.

So the trick is to make it until things get better, however long it takes. It will happen. We are better than this.

Unsubscribe from 90% of your email lists

If the email doesn’t “spark joy” (in Marie Kondo’s words), it’s digital clutter. Get rid of it, whether it’s that depressing update from Aunt Rose or a politician’s daily parade of horribles. Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to keep up.

Eliminate toxic people from your digital and real life

Don’t take calls from phone numbers you don’t recognize. Get rid of your landline. On Twitter, block anyone who has #MAGA in their bio, or talks about Pizzagate. Part ways with the toxic people in your life. This doesn’t have to be dramatic. Just gently disengage.

Kill your TV

Don’t watch any “news” on TV. In fact, seriously consider getting rid of your cable, getting an antenna, and making do with whatever you can find over the air. Read instead. Listen to classical music.

Read life-affirming stuff

Marvel at the wonderfulness of humans. Remember that the overwhelming majority of people are good. I recommend anything by Oliver Sacks or John McPhee. Also When Breath Becomes Air, which will break your heart in a good way.

Get rid of possessions

A year ago I got serious about minimalism. Now my closet looks like this. The suitcase in the lower left corner and the bag on the shelf are all I take when I travel. You have no idea how freeing it is to have nothing but useful clothes that fit perfectly.

Decluttering and minimalizing extends to all areas of your life. Get rid of old gadgets, computers, cables, everything you’re not currently using.

This includes digital clutter. Go through your computer and delete old files. You can safely get rid of 90% of your computer files.

As Marie Kondo says,

“When you tidy your space completely, you transform the scenery. The change is so profound that you feel as if you are living in a totally different world. This deeply affects your mind and inspires a strong aversion to reverting to your previously cluttered state. The key is to make the change so sudden that you experience a complete change of heart. The same impact can never be achieved if the process is gradual.”

Read Marie Kondo’s books. Follow The Minimalists.

Get over the idea that America can shed itself of Trump. The man who would take his place is worse. The best that can happen is that Mueller will be able to get rid of those around him, leaving Trump even more isolated and ineffective.

The best work will be done in the local races and the courts. Keep your eye on those areas and do what you can to contribute.

But don’t let Trump destroy your soul. Don’t let him win.

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