2017 is worse year ever

A Year That Sucked

By Andrew Witzel

One would be logical in thinking that this is going to be an article that bashes Donald Trump and the three-ring circus that is our Government. On the contrary, while they are all complicit in this past years suckage, there is so much that happened this year that has nothing to do with them. People around the world are going to look back at 2017 and wonder what happened to make this year so much worse than earlier years. Some will think the American people were under the influence of some sort of drug for having elected in Donald Trump as the 45th President. Others will think that the world had lost its way and 2017 was the year that everything changed, hopefully for the better.

Terror Attacks

Attacks on people are nothing new to the world and, unfortunately, they happen often. For 2017 though, this was a particularly devastating year for people in multiple countries. From Istanbul to London, to Spain and to the United States, hundreds of people lost their lives to terrorists. For every terror attack that made the headlines, there were so many more around the world that didn’t. Regardless of the reasons for these attacks, at the root of things, it’s humans killing other humans. After more than 10,000 years on this planet, we still haven’t quite figured out how to live with one another without the need to kill each other. One can only hope that sooner rather than later, we start learning from our own mistakes and start treating people better.

Donald Trump

Can you consider Donald Trump a terrorist? Consider the facts. His only claim to fame for 2017 is the tax relief bill. A pile of crap rushed through Congress with more provisions and compromises than a submarine with screen doors. Everyone in the Trump corner sees “more money in your paycheck” and is TL/DR. Everyone in the opposite corner sees “more money to the wealthy” and is TL/DR. In all fairness, it’s not the biggest tax cut as Trump claims, it’s the 8th largest. It also is not the “miracle” to the middle class that so many claim either. In years 1-5, there is certainly more money going to the middle class, but the wealthy round out years 6-10 in terrific fashion.

Then there is the tweeting. The stupid tweeting. Only a moron will tweet support of a candidate then, after they lose due to alleged sex crimes, reverses course and said they supported the other guy. The moronic part of this is that you don’t go back to delete or alter the first tweet, so it looks like you’re a huge twat waffle to the world of Twitter. There are so many tweets showing Trump is intimate with the taste of his own shoe that it’s a topic for a separate article. A so-called President of the People should realize that he’s only reaching a third of the country by using Twitter as his main communication platform. Social media is not suited well to be an official platform, perhaps the second or third, but not the first.


Harvey hit Houston. Irma hit Florida. Maria hit Puerto Rico. This was a banner year for hurricanes that caused historical devastation to countless Americans. When a tragedy befalls Americans, one of the few things that can show hope is the response by Local, State and Federal governments. What we got instead was a President, using Twitter, saying that he didn’t want to get in the way of rescue efforts on the ground. In the case of Puerto Rico, we got statements that they were going to make the Federal Government bankrupt for their infrastructure mismanagement. While in agreement that Presidents shouldn’t hit the ground right away, only a few days should pass before they’re making an effort to show support to the victims of the disaster. Eventually, face time was achieved, but it wasn’t under positive pretenses and video bites didn’t help anyone. Trump throwing rolls of paper towels anyone?

Will 2018 Be Better?

Who knows at this point. Nothing about 2017 demonstrates that 2018 will be any better. Most think that the American people are starting to realize how dysfunctional the government is and they’re the ones to blame for it. The mid-term elections will certainly be one for the record books. Most will have more money in their pockets. The stock market, while due for a correction, will continue to be strong. Government officials, accused of sexual misconduct, are resigning in shame all by themselves without the American people having to do anything.

Do you think 2018 will be better, about the same, or worse than 2017?

I'm a middle aged tech geek with a passion for computers, technology, politics and all the bits in the middle between 0 and 1. I am what could be considered a moderate progressive and like to consider all sides of a debate before taking a position.


  1. If the President could get a break from the Media I doubt he would be tweeting so much but you and I both know that the Media started bashing him even before the election and all during his campaign and they are still hard at it and there is no sign they will ever let up and it has nothing to do with the President’s qualifications to be President; the whole thing is a historic mindless rage over the fact that the Liberal queen failed to receive her much-anticipated coronation. Let’s be fair here — The country has never been better off than it is now and the much-predicted financial meltdown (If Trump were to be elected — and he was elected — the Liberals had predicted the financial markets would collapse if he was elected …) and they are much highere, more productive, more promising and more profitable for investors than ever …and no, it was not started under the Obama Administration …. The Congress impeded Obama at every turn and all he ever accomplished of any note was writing a couple of books and going on a massive tour of the world during which he did more apologizing for America than he did defend Her.

    1. The President was a normal person before and used Twitter just as much as a civilian as he is now as President. I doubt the Media has anything to do with his addiction to Twitter and if the media did ignore him for a bit, Trump would cook up some way to put himself back on the front pages. He’s been caught pretending to be other people to generate media attention for himself.

      I don’t agree that the markets are doing well solely because of Trump. He is certainly riding the wave of good fortune the markets have produced though and taken credit where it may or may not be due. Anyone familiar with the amount of retail debt being carried by major companies and the potential tsunami of bankruptcies that could happen in the coming months knows the markets will be correcting soon. He’ll certainly be to blame though when people, no longer making double digit returns on their investments, look to a scapegoat.

      And lets be honest here, it would seem that the job of Congress is to impede, period. It isn’t in the best interest of the lobbies that support million dollar lifestyles of Congressmen to actually pass legislation.

      Thanks for commenting 🙂

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