Trump: Putin Trolled

By Darrell Roberts

In September, the world awkwardly discovered that Vladimir Putin does not view President Trump as his “bride” to Putin’s would-be “groom.”  Some may see Putin’s word choice as nothing more than an awkward denial.  However, Vladimir Putin has proven himself to be a measured man of strategy that always has a plan.  Thus, even Putin’s dismissive word choices seem to serve a dual purpose.

In the claim above, Putin professedly attempts to downplay his power over the American president.  Nevertheless, at the same time, he makes a not so subtle power play.  In the bride/groom statement, Putin assigns himself the male-dominant position to Trump’s female role.  Despite deprecating his relationship with Trump, he still manages to tell the whole world that he, Vladimir Putin, is “The Man.”

Usually, one might expect the Trump’s feminization to be met with a backlash, but this is Vladimir Putin.  As overwhelming evidence supports, President Trump, exhibits a deep fondness for Putin.  Oddly, President Trump has ignored, questioned, and ridiculed the American intelligence agencies conclusion on Russia’s election meddling.  Inexplicably,  Trump has even gone so far as to attack America itself to defend Putin.

“You think our country’s so innocent?”

Among all the evidence of Trump/Russia collusion, nothing surpasses the mystery of Trump’s defense of Putin and Russia.  Frankly,  Trump’s constant and ferocious justification of Putin/Russia is strikingly strange.   Again, these responses come from  President Donald J. Trump.  Is this not the same combative “fighter” that impulsively launches fiery insults with impunity at anyone, everyone, and at any time?

Except for Vladimir Putin.

Is Trump’s fondness for strongmen authoritarians the root cause?  Maybe Putin does possess damaging kompromat on Trump, who knows?  If so, what is the compromising material?  Is it financial or does Putin own one or a dozen Trump sexcapade videos?  Or Is Trump/Putin a mere case of global “bro” love?  For most of the world, the “real” explanation to these questions remains unanswered.   Unfortunately, the one guy that does know the source and extent of his power over Trump–is Vladimir Putin.

Before working his way up to the Presidency (perhaps of two countries), Putin served as a KGB officer.  Over the years, to achieve his goals, Putin has shown himself to be a strategical thinker with a hard hand and a willingness to manipulate.  Nevertheless, if Putin’s deviousness has an apparent vulnerability, it is a desire to brag about his deeds to the world.  Upon close observation, Putin subtly craves for everyone to know that he is “The Man.”   With this in mind, let’s examine Putin’s recent interactions with President Donald Trump.

Nearly a month ago, President Trump and Putin would engage in a lengthy phone call (over an hour) to discuss a previously agreed upon Syrian peace accord.  Immediately before the call was scheduled to occur–the Kremlin issued a statement on Putin meeting with Syrian leader Bashar Assad (they also included pictures of the two leaders engaged in a hug).  Was this a mere coincidence?  Or a means for Putin to point to the world that the US/Russia agreement will go Russia’s way?  Perhaps, it was designed to be a powerful message to the world,  to confirm Putin’s dominance–because Putin is “The Man.”

Certainly, one time does not make a strong case, right?

Predictably, Putin would take even bolder steps to prove his ability to both manipulate and exploit his magnetism over President Trump.  Putin’s first step was to directly mention Trump during his latest Moscow press conference.  It does not take a KGB agent to realize how to gain Trump’s attention.

Furthermore, it should come as no surprise that Putin made sure to speak glowingly of Trump’s achievements such as the economy.  Such pure flattery would not likely hold much weight for most world leaders, but Donald Trump is fond of people saying “nice things” about him.   However, Putin’s messaging for Trump was not solely complimentary.  Putin was sure to express that Russia did not meddle in the 2016 U.S. election.  Putin would go on to assure his now captive audience (meaning President Trump) that the Russia/Trump investigation is a mere fabrication of Trump’s opponents.

Of course, hearing Putin’s flattering and affirming words would result in President Trump reaching out to call Putin.  Indeed, Putin achieved his goal–all at the cost of compliments beamed at President Trump.

That is all it took to win Trump over. 

After the call with Putin, Trump said:

“He said very nice things about what I have done for this country in terms of the economy, but he said also some negative things in terms of what is going on elsewhere,” Trump said. “The primary point was to talk about North Korea.”

And Trump would add:  “We would love to have his help on North Korea. China is helping. Russia is not helping. We would like to have Russia’s help, very important.”

One must wonder, did Vladimir Putin easily manipulate President Trump?

Let’s examine Putin’s approach.  First, he compliments Trump, along the way he levies complaints against the U.S., and then insists that Trump/Russia is “fake” news.  Based on the quotes mentioned above, it appears that Trump was indeed motivated to action by Putin’s words.  After all, Putin identifies Trump as being both great and innocent.  So, Putin’s complaints about U.S. policies must also be correct.

In the end, Putin’s press conference was a global success.  He was able to get the President of the United States to call and thank him.  Plus, he convinced the President to enthusiastically see deals with Russia as being “very important.”  Also, Putin demonstrated to the world that he possesses power over the United States.

How does an emboldened Putin follow up such a display of strength?

A couple days later, the ever winning Putin would place a call of gratitude to President Trump.  During this call, Putin would thank Trump for providing U.S. intelligence that was useful in thwarting a terrorist attack (or so the Russians claim).  Putin also was sure to thank America’s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).  The Kremlin would make sure Putin’s appreciation was made available to the rest of the world.  Of course, the U.S. issued a statement of Trump/CIA’s earned recognition, reading in part:

“President Trump then called Director Pompeo,” the statement read, “to congratulate him, his very talented people, and the entire intelligence community on a job well done!”

One may wonder, how does this call benefit Putin? 

The answer is all within the details.  Putin’s call to Trump was sure to thank the U.S. for sharing intelligence data with Russia.  As a reminder, this is following the revelation that Trump had provided Russia Top-Secret information from a U.S. ally without their prior consent to do so–the day after firing Comey for the “Russia thing.”   Notably, the information exchange occurred in the Oval Office in the exclusive presence of Russian media.  So, is it possible that Putin was intent on letting the rest of the world know that the Trump administration is still providing top-secrets to Russia?   Plus, there is the sly dig by Putin to thank the U.S. intelligence.  Indirectly, Putin makes sure to highlight the accuracy of the U.S.’s intelligence information–the same U.S. agencies that President Trump ignores on Russian meddling.

This is likely an intentional way for Putin to confirm (again) to the world that he is “The Man” that defeated the U.S. without ever having to fire a shot.   Sadly, it seems that the President of the United States is blind to Putin’s charm.  The President some refer to as a “Twitter troll”–is being played by Vladimir Putin:

Trump is being Putin trolled.

For additional information, please be sure to check out James Clapper’s claim that Putin is handling Trump similar to an intelligence “asset.”

Now, the question is will Trump ever give up on Putin?

Until then, enjoy a condensed and modified, Rick Astley classic–in a Trump/Putin style:

Donald Trump is no stranger to Putin…

Never gonna give Putin up
Never gonna let Putin down
Never gonna U.N. around and sanction Putin
Never gonna make Putin cry
Never gonna say goodbye to Putin
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt Putin


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