Laying Awake With #QuestionsThatKeepMeUp

By Touché

Do you ever lay awake at night and your brain just starts pondering on life’s universal questions? You are not alone. A plethora of people do the exact same thing. Let’s take a look at #QuestionsThatKeepMeUp and see if some of the questions are similar to yours.

Excellent question. How many of you ever thought about this one?

Getting deep now, aren’t we?

Now seriously, we all know that everyone was indeed Kung fu fighting. Silly.

Yes. Exactly. This one is one of life’s most important questions ever.

Another Cinderella question. However, this may be a life-altering question. Are all of our classic fairy tales just lies? Say it ain’t so?


According to the impatient owl, it only takes three. To the rest of the world, the question still remains a mystery.

Sure hope not. On the other hand, it would save you hundreds on catering. Life choices are tough sometimes.

This is one for all the spelling and grammar Nazis out there.

That would be the only logical answer to that question. Only the best for our clowns in training.

I’m sure they have their skeptics just as we do.

Now, this is one to ponder on.

Perhaps that is what is said in France. However, if this is true, what would the Germans or Italians say? We now have a question inside of a question. How deep does this one go?

Yes, and they all live under one roof inside of your head. Keep those guys inside. Do not let them out. letting them out just causes a whole bunch of problems.

They are way closer than Trump and Putin, that’s for sure.

One may never know. Sad but true.

Santa gets a one night pass on Christmas.

There are a plethora of more life’s universal questions out there. Never be afraid to ask these difficult questions. You never know whom might have the answer. Sure hope you enjoyed this. May It be the bit of cheer that you needed to make your day awesome.

Sarcasm, satire, and snark just seem to spew from my being. I may not be everyone's cup of tea, but who can refuse coffee? ?

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