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The Chronicles of Trumpenomics

By Darrell Roberts

Welcome to “The Chronicles of Trumpenomics” which seeks answers that President Donald J. Trump remains unwilling to provide, his economics. 

Perhaps, President Trump may need to be reminded; he is elected by We The People.  In fairness to Trump, he was elected by We the Electoral College, as nearly 3 million more people chose “Hotsauce” Hillary Clinton.  Plus, the man some call 45, is a 71-year old political rookie.  After all, he still has not figured how his predecessor was legally allowed even to become a President.

As a reminder to the newcomer POTUS, in America, our government is made up of the people, by the people, and for the people.  Thus, the American government is accountable to those that they steward–that’s right, YOU REPRESENT AND SERVE the interest of ALL Americans–it is not the other way around.  Also, your individual gains should take a back seat to the benefit of the American people.  The concept is commonly viewed as a primary requirement of “public service.”   Although explaining basic concepts to a specific POTUS does seem like a necessary endeavor, there’s a more pressing concern–The President’s ratings!  Certainly:

“(I)t’s an unbelievably complex subject.  Nobody knew health care [being President] could be so complicated.”


Thankfully, the President knows how essential ratings are:

Unfortunately,  for President Donald J. Trump his numbers are way down.  According to the latest Monmouth University poll, President Donald J. Trump’s performance rating has dropped to a new record low (32% approval to 56% disapproval).  Nobody has seen numbers this bad.  However, despite a steady decline in his approval numbers the President is sticking with the GOP’s tax cut proposal.

Some claim, after almost one year in office, President Trump is on the verge of his first big legislative “win.”  Perhaps, it only fits for President Trump’s initial success would be even less popular than he currently is.  Consider, the most recent Quinnipiac poll, the Trump/GOP tax overhaul manages to muster only 26% support compared to 55% disapproval.  In fairness to the tax bill’s low support rating, it does eek out a one-percent disapproval advantage over Trump.

Why is an unpopular President seeking to pass even less popular legislation?

Does the President believe such an unpopular “gift” will benefit his base of supporters?  Regrettably, the tax bill (and current changes) are being rushed to vote.  It is worth noting, that many analysts’ foresee the corporations and the wealthiest Americans as the real winners of the Trump/GOP tax cuts.  Is it possible that President Trump’s real victory comes from essentially cutting his taxes?

Could Trump’s new taxation policy enhance both his personal and business interest?

It is true that the ongoing Trump/Russia developments along with the President’s antics continue to dominate the media coverage.  Therefore, coverage or questions about Trump’s finances continue to go largely ignored.   Is it possible that the President uses outrageous distractions to hide something?

Unmistakably, The President displays an ongoing willingness to thwart personal transparency.   A lack of his openness along with his past suggests that he’s not above shady business practices.  Plus, for some, it may be difficult just to take the President at his word.  Surprisingly, President Donald J. Trump has been known to tell some whoppers–the President lies.

Ipso facto, the American public’s expectation for President Trump to share his tax information is warranted.   At a minimum, until the release of his tax information, President Trump should not have the power to sign a law that changes the U.S. tax code. If the President does not willingly comply,  all Americans should support, in Trump’s own words (mostly) “calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims  [tax changes] until our country’s representatives can figure out what the hell is going on.”

Welcome to the Chronicles that seek to answer:

Is the President of the United States using his office as a means to raise his profits? 


Writing is my passion, whether you agree, disagree, love, or hate the expression of my passion is not important. What is important, is that those that read my words are never bored by doing so.

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