Nick Saban: Winning So Much

By Darrell Roberts

President Donald Trump has famously (or infamously) been known to say:

“We’re going to win so much, you’re going to be so sick and tired of winning.”

Of course, such a ridiculous outlook would often be scoffed at.  For mortals, it would be impossible to grow “sick and tired” of all the winning.  However, one, Mr. Nick Saban, is not a mere mortal; he is Nick Saban.  How much does Nick Saban win?

Nick Saban wins so much that even when he loses–, he wins.

That is not a “Chuck Norris” is so tough that he single-handedly delivers relief aid to Puerto Rico even though it “is an island surrounded by water, big water, ocean water.”  All right, that may not be the best Chuck Norris alternative fact but it is not the worst either.  With Chuck Norris’ approval (hopefully), it’s time to get back to Mr. Saban.

As stated previously, Nick Saban wins so much that even when he loses–, he wins.  For example, the last game that Mr. Saban’s team played they lost.  Not a regular loss either, with one season loss, Alabama would lose their top ranking, a chance to play for the Southeastern Conference (SEC) championship, and would slip out of consideration for the College Football Playoff (CFP).  To add the worst insult to injury, Alabama’s loss would come by the rival Auburn “War Eagle!” Tigers.  Thus, making the Crimson Tide, a team that is long accustomed to being ranked #1, not even the best team in the state.

 In Saban land, things looked grim.

However, as my friend William I. Wells would remind me, the season was not over–and one should not count out Alabama’s chances to make the CFP.   Indeed, as college football fans can attest, more surprises and losses would shake up the rankings–and prove Will’s words prophetic.   In the final CFP rankings, Nick Saban and his Alabama team would be the last selection into the championship playoff.

Again, as stated previously, Nick Saban wins so much that even when he loses–, he wins.

So,  it should not come as a surprise that during the election coverage that some voters would publicly maintain that they voted for…Nick Saban.  Such public proclamations could be dismissed by the skeptic as these voters being too ashamed to admit their real choice.  After all, the race was pitting an accused mall pervert against a gasp, Democrat.  It is conceivable, for different reasons, that either candidate could make many in Alabama uncomfortable to voice their real choice.

As the election results continued to pour in, not only did the race tighten but the numbers of Saban votes kept climbing.   Based upon the current tally, it appears that not only did Nick Saban finish third in the Alabama Senate election (as a write-in candidate), he may have also cost Roy Moore the victory.

How many votes did Nick Saban receive?

As of now, nobody seems to have a firm or dependable tally, but most opinions indicate the final number of write-in votes for Mr. Saban is likely to be in the thousands.  The standard estimates seem to range from 11,000 to over 20,000 votes (out 22,819 write-in votes cast).  As of now, it appears that Doug Jones beat Roy Moore by 20,715 votes.   Thus, it is possible (but statistically unlikely) that Nick Saban, not even officially in the race, may have snagged a close victory away from Roy Moore.

Proving one more time, Nick Saban wins so much that even when he loses–, he wins.

Based on this new found information (along with Will’s predictions), yours truly is far less comfortable in my previous CFP predictions.

To those looking for new friends, please note that William I. Wells just recently joined Twitter.  For those that choose to say, “hello,” to Mr. Wells–let him know DR sent ya.

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