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Why Is Roy Moore In Hiding?

By Susan Kuebler

As the race for the open Senate seat in Alabama draws to its close tomorrow, many people have been asking lately – why is Roy Moore in hiding?  In a recent AP report published by Business Insider, Moore has limited his public appearances to small groups where press access is strictly controlled.  Moore essentially disappeared from the campaign trail after the allegations of sexual misconduct involving underage girls surfaced.

This has led his opponent Doug Jones to say “Roy Moore is in hiding.  He’s kind of like the groundhog.  He comes out every few days to see if he can see his shadow.”

Moore has turned down offers from Doug Jones for a debate, any debate, as well as refusing requests for interviews from the major news outlets.  But if you think that he is getting a free ride from the local press, you need to read the following scathing December 3rd editorial called “Roy Moore Is In Hiding” from the Alabama newspaper the Decatur Daily.

The editorial points out that while claiming to be a man’s man

  • Moore is hiding behind religion
  • Moore is hiding from the press
  • Moore is hiding from his opponent, Doug Jones
  • Moore is hiding behind the president

Those are pretty harsh words coming from a home state newspaper.  But Moore is now facing scrutiny on a national level, something he has never dealt with before.  He is now relying heavily on advertising and social media, along with the support of Trump, to promote his campaign.  Donald Trump told the people of Alabama to vote for Moore in his rally over the weekend in Pensacola and has done a robocall going out in the closing days supporting Moore.  He plans to wind up his campaign Monday night with a big rally featuring Steve Bannon.

And even though his advisors may believe it is smart policy to keep him under wraps in the days leading up to the vote, many of his words are now coming back to haunt him.

Take, for example, his response to an African-American in September during his primary race against Luther Strange when asked when Moore last thought America was “great.”  His response, reported by the Los Angeles Times was stunning:

“I think it was great when families were united – even we had slavery – they cared for one another.”

Or his comment made back in 2011 on the radio show “Aroostook Watchmen” (don’t ask me what that means – its Alabama) that CNN recently unearthed where Moore said it would “eliminate many problems” for the US government if it got rid of every amendment to the Constitution after the first 10.

According to a story published by the Business Insider Moore went on to say

“You know how some people don’t understand how these amendments have completely tried to wreck the form of government that our forefathers intended.”

You got it.  Some of these amendments have just plain ruint our way of life.  Such as the:

  • 13th Amendment – which abolished slavery
  • 14th Amendment – which guaranteed former slaves citizenship
  • 15th Amendment – which gave blacks the right to vote
  • 19th Amendment – which allowed women to right to vote

His feelings about the 18th and 21st Amendments which brought in Prohibition and then revoked it respectively are not known.  Does he support Prohibition or not?  Who can tell?

Yes Moore, Constitutional scholar that he is, is the jurist who said that a Muslim should not be seated in Congress, which is specifically prohibited in the U.S. Constitution itself.

Politics in Alabama has always been a strange animal.  Despite the polls, nobody can call the election.  Guess it may boil down to if the voters are going to let some damn Yankee carpetbaggers like Donald Trump and Steve Bannon tell them how they should vote.

“All shall be well and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well”. Julian of Norwich.

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