I Am The Resistance

By Susan Kuebler

There is a new hashtag appearing on Twitter.  And many people are now saying #IAmTheResistance.  This may be in response to Trump’s recent acknowledgement during his rally in Pensacola this weekend that a group known as The Resistance actually exists.  Of course, he mocked it, as he does any one or any thing that disagrees with him.

The Resistance began before the 2016 election with the voters who declared themselves #NeverTrump.  What many people fail to grasp is that for most of us, Never meant exactly that.  Never.  “But you should give him a chance” they said.  “Praise him when he does something good, and call him out when he does something bad.”  Okay, fine.  Name one thing – one single thing, that Donald Trump has done since he became the president that has been good for America.  I can wait.

We saw his character and knew his background before he won the election.  We knew he had no redeeming qualities, no judgement, no temperament, no background that qualified him to hold the highest office in the land.  Trump was, and is, only concerned about Trump.

Then came the Women’s March on the day following Trump’s inauguration in January.  Not only did women turn out in overwhelming numbers in Washington, D.C., to protest, but women in cities  across the nation, some large and some small, as well as women around the world.  That event marked the beginning of The Resistance.

Why do we resist?  Because we believe that Donald Trump represents a clear and present danger to our Constitution, our democratic institutions, and our very way of life.  He began his administration by issuing travel bans against people from predominantly Muslim countries until they were “thoroughly vetted” to prove they weren’t terrorists.  So why did he leave Saudi Arabia, the country of origin for the 9/11 terrorists off the list?  Is it because he owns property in that country, but none in any of the countries included in his travel ban?

He took active measures to destroy Obamacare, first by closing down registration sites, in clear violation of his oath to “faithfully execute the Office of the President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.”  Part of executing the Office of the President means executing the laws passed by Congress.  The President, according to our Constitution, does not get to select the laws he is going to enforce or not.  Granted there have been times in the past where presidents have not gone all out to enthusiastically support certain laws, but there is a difference between indifference and active obstruction.

Which brings us to the law passed overwhelmingly by Congress calling for the enforcement of sanctions against Russia.  Trump signed that bill into law – the vote for it was so huge there was no way a veto would stand – yet he still hasn’t reported to Congress what steps the Justice Department has taken to enforce it.  The first report was due on October 1st.  That’s right, over two months ago.  Where is the outrage from Congress?  It sounds like the only ones calling Trump out on this are members of The Resistance.

Members of The Resistance are equally concerned about Trump’s all out attacks on the First Amendment, particularly the freedom of the press.  Just recently he called for a journalist to be fired for posting an inaccurate picture of the crowd size at his Pensacola rally.  The reporter had already admitted his mistake, apologized, and removed the picture, but that was not enough for Trump.  We are not talking about revealing national secrets here – we are talking about the size of a crowd at a political rally.  Yet on the same day (or thereabouts) Fox News put up a libelous and completely false report accusing one of Roy Moore’s accusers of “forgery” then was forced by public backlash to take it down.  No apology.  No call from Trump for anyone to be fired.

Now that the Mueller investigation is closing in on Trump and his family, Trump and his minions at Fox News are actively trying to destroy America’s belief in our greatest law enforcement agency, the FBI, while also attacking our intelligence community, especially the CIA.  Their character assassinations against the highly respected Special Counsel (and registered Republican) Robert Mueller and his investigators have gone beyond the pale. Recent reports that Trump wants to team up with Erik Prince (owner of Blackwater and brother of Betsy Devos) to form his own personal spy agency are frightening, to say the least.

If recent polls are any indication, The Resistance is not some weak person posting signs, as depicted by Trump, but an ever increasing number of Americans, from all political parties, who thoroughly reject Donald Trump and all he represents.  In a recent poll conduct by Pew Research, a respected polling organization, Trump’s approval numbers among all Americans has dropped to 32 percent, one of the lowest numbers yet. And many of these are people who formerly supported Donald Trump – people from his “base.”

Who are the people that form The Resistance?  Among many other things we are:

  • People who reject bigotry and racism, in any way, shape or form.
  • People who embrace the diversity that defines what it means to be American.
  • People who stand for First Amendment rights, not just Second Amendment rights
  • People who think that America should be a guiding light to the rest of the world, a nation that leads from the front, a “shining city on the hill” and not an isolationist “America First” and to hell with everyone else country.
  • People who know that America is already great and always has been.

Trump can mock The Resistance all he wants.  We are not going away.  Trump can continue to play to his diminishing base instead of leading the entire nation.  We are not going away.  Trump can try to destroy the institutions that form our democracy.  We are not going away.

We ARE The Resistance.  I AM The Resistance.  Are you?

"All shall be well and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well". Julian of Norwich.

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