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Fox News Wonders: Does Rape Ruin Christmas?

By Touché

Fox News has crossed a new slimy low. Laura Ingraham, a host on Fox, just possibly became the most despicable person ever. She decided to throw her two cents into the ongoing sexual harassment and assault revelations.

She asked, “Is the #MeToo movement becoming a spoiler for this season’s Christmas parties?” Yes, you most definitely read that question correctly. She isn’t worried about how wide spread these sexual crimes span. Oh no, she is worried about how these allegations might be putting a damper on office Christmas parties.

She continues her attack on women by saying, “Is this just killing all the fun of Christmas?” Does sexual harassment and assault not ruin a victim’s life. It doesn’t just ruin a party, it is something the victims will have to deal with forever. The insensitivity of Laura Ingraham’s comments are straight up preposterous.

There is a bit of irony pertaining to this subject and her statements. Her statements would be inappropriate on any news channel, yet Fox has had its own problem with their own sexual harassment in the workplace. To refresh your memory, some of Fox news highest ranking male employees have been punished in different ways due to the allegations. The men accused so far were CEO Roger Ailes, Bill O’Reilly, and Eric Boiling (More sexual allegations will probably come forward as time goes on).

Fox news has most definitely sunk to a new low. Seriously, it’s as if they are trying to out scum themselves. The amount of sexual injustices that have occurred in the conservative right-wing GOP Republican party is deplorable. There must be a GOP makeover immediately. When did criminals become acceptable for government officials, news icons, and etc. Americans, we deserve so much better.

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