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Christmas Tree Eyebrows: Just Say No!

By Touché

Warning: Your feeling many get hurt, you may get offended, or you may read this while constantly shaking your head with your mouth open in complete shock. What on earth could this piece be about? Introducing Christmas tree brows. It seems to be all the rage this holiday season.

There really isn’t much positive that can be said about this trend. Have people completely lost their minds? Who, of sane mind, could think this is even a plausible makeup trend?

Please, don’t replace ugly sweaters with Christmas brows. Stop trying to make Christmas brows happen, it is not going to happen (Mean Girl reference).

Public service announcement: Christmas brows will cause serious emotional and physical harm. Emotional harm will be brought to you by the shame and embarrassment you feel while wearing those brows. Physical harm is minimal, but taking those decorations off at the end of the night will not feel so pleasant. Consider yourselves warned.

This lady took it a step further. She used green eyeliner for her Christmas brows. Sorry to tell you, but that just isn’t a good look on you.

Guess adding green isn’t a one person thing. This lady decided to go for the bushy green tree brows.

Can you believe the number of ladies who have tried this?

Got to love this tweet. “JUST SAY NO to Christmas tree eyebrows.” No is the only response to this craziness.

Oh no. Um…so…this one actually looks legit. This whole thing is absurd, yet if you just have to join in, do it like this beautiful lady above.

Does anyone even notice that the tree brows are sideways? Does anyone care? If these are to replace ugly sweaters, aren’t you leaving out men? Gender equality is way more important than a bizarre holiday trend. Maybe, the creators of Christmas brows could go back to the drawing board. Until then ugly sweaters it is.

Sarcasm, satire, and snark just seem to spew from my being. I may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but who can refuse coffee? ?

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