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The Three Chumps: Latest Lumps

By Darrell Roberts

This update will feature the latest updates on Paul Manafort, Jared Kushner, and Donald Trump, Jr.

The newest lumps facing The Three Chumps include a collaboration, an interview, and a visit to Congress.

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The first update will focus on Paul Manafort.  Mr. Manafort has found himself under house arrest–due to pesky multi-indictments being filed against him as part of the Mueller-led probe into possible Trump/Russia links.

Mr. Manafort had reached an agreement to have his bail restructured.  The new deal would require Manafort to offer an increased collateral pledge (secured by Manafort properties) to the government.  In return, the authorities would loosen the pre-trial bail requirements on Mr. Manafort to include freeing him from house arrest.

After reaching a satisfactory deal, a new discovery would lead Mueller’s team to cancel the agreement and find Mr. Manafort facing additional legal trouble.

…And the new revelation would be?

Evidently, Paul Manafort had assisted in writing an opinion piece (OP)–with, as described by U.S. authorities, a Russian operative.

The final product of Manafort’s collusion piece was printed in a Ukrainian paper.  Of course, it boldly proclaims Manafort is “falsely accused” and goes on to conclude that the whole Trump/Russia thing is designed to “undermine” the Trump administration.  One must wonder, does the writer of the OP know anything about President Trump?  It is not a far stretch to say–Trump does not require assistance to “undermine” the Trump administration.

Based on this information, the Mueller team asked for the bail agreement with Manafort to be canceled.  Now, Mr. Manafort finds himself in a new legal struggle with the U.S. court system.

It would also be disclosed that the government raids in the ongoing Manafort case collected over four hundred thousand documents and as CNN reports:

“So far, the government lawyers have identified 2,000 documents as ‘hot.'”

The ongoing saga of this Chump seems to be heating up.  Now, let’s look at the next Chump, Jared Kushner.

Where is Jared Kushner?

Information and the whereabouts of Mr. Kushner have recently gone mostly quiet and unnoticed.  One must wonder if the Kushner silence is intentional.  If so, is he trying to maintain a low profile by choice or under the direction of someone else?

The last big story involving Kushner was the revelation that he was interviewed by Mueller’s investigative team about Mike Flynn.  As a reminder, this interview was conducted not long before Mike Flynn would plead guilty and agree to cooperate with the Mueller investigation.

Shortly after Flynn’s deal had received court approval, reports would indicate that Flynn was directed to contact “foreign government officials, including from Russia, about a U.N. Security Council resolution regarding Israeli settlements.”   Just a hunch, but expect Jared Kushner’s name to continue to appear in forthcoming Trump/Russia revelations.

Perhaps, future developments around Kushner would be seen as a bigly welcome by the third chump, Donald Trump, Jr.

Trump Jr. “Forgets” A Lot When Testifying Before Congress

By all indications, Donald Trump, Jr. continues to face numerous questions that all seem to implicate his involvement in ‘something.’   The exact nature of that ‘something’ remains unclear.  Thus far, the intriguing unanswered hints seem to indicate that Trump, Jr. may be connected to ‘something’ nefarious.

The latest news on Trump, Jr.’s begins with an eight-hour appearance before the House Intelligence Committee.   After the closed-door session,  the nature of Jr.’s testimony would result in more than one Congressional member questioning the helpfulness of Trump’s testimony.   In some instances, the Jeff Sessions art of the “I don’t recall” response was used by Trump, Jr.  However, a more significant revelation from Trump, Jr.’s interview was his refusal to discuss an important call with his father.

The call in question would lead to the initial “adoptions” excuse to explain the June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower between Trump/Russia officials.   As a reminder, the excuse was crafted by President Trump immediately on the heels of his unscheduled dinner meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.  Some might recall, when pressed, the President claimed the topic of his impromptu meeting (that was unwitnessed by U.S. representatives) with Putin was…”adoptions.”

Not only would Jr. not disclose the nature of this call, but he would also refuse under the guise of “attorney-client” privilege.  Since neither Trump is a lawyer, the excuse raises many more questions.  However, this would not be the only revelation implicating Trump, Jr. in questionable entanglements–that frankly, remain primarily unanswered (especially to those wishing for truthful explanations).

After Donald Trump’s congressional appearance, reports would also surface that follow-up emails did occur after the June 9th, 2016 Trump/Russia meeting.  However, the significance of the follow-up emails remains unclear but does add both uncertainty and more questions.   Of course, it would be unwise to foresee Donald Trump, Jr. answering these questions truthfully…if at all.  Perhaps, Jr. will receive an appointment that allows to claim “diplomatic immunity” during the next round of questions.

Additionally, it was disclosed that a mysterious someone sent members of the Trump campaign (to include Trump, Jr.) a web link and an encryption key to a trove of material stolen by WikiLeaks.  The details and facts of this development remain murky.

First, the real identity and origins of the email remain unknown.  Plus, what actions were taken (if any) by the Trump team recipients of this email?  The answer remains unclear, but one can expect future developments that may expose the nature of contacts between WikiLeaks and the Trump campaign.

As a reminder, if you struggle to keep up with all the latest Trump/Russia developments–do not fret.  Instead, visit and check out the latest updates–we’ve got you covered.

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