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Treason’s Greetings #XMasGiftsFromTrump

By Touché

When you think of the Holidays, Trump probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. However, let’s suspend reality for a little and enjoy these tweets in response to #XMasGiftsFromTrump. Sit back, sip that hit cocoa or spiked eggnog, and get ready to let the laughter roll.

Our first gift that Trump brings us a true Republican Family Christmas. We would be truly so privileged to take part of such a soiree.

We can’t forget our very own personal live Elf on a Shelf. Yippee. It’s what all the kids want this year.

This next gift is like a straight up miracle. Bring on the miracles all wrapped in Holiday cheer. Trump, we all want this to actually happen please and thank you.

Oh look, Trump wants us to start building his marvelous wall. Piece by piece. The wall will look like a fiesta on both sides.

Of course, he would be so generous with handing out the 2016 Electoral Map. Now, how about those taxes?

Here’s the classic “12 Days of Christmas” the Trump version. It is absolutely beautiful.

Trump renamed the GOP to better suite his kind of scum-ary. Ready for this? Gang of Predators is now the more suitable name.

Of course, let the master teach us how to drink properly.

Oh good tidings of great joy! A compilation of all of Trump’s tweets in one easy to read book.

Even though the definition for covfefe is still out for debate (as is the debate of Trump’s 2016 “win”)  we will have to take it. You know because we’re all really tired of winning by now.

Trump gave Puerto Rico their gift early. Um, yay. Super helpful.

The best gift of all would be a Treason’s Greetings.

Surely, we peasants dare ever expect anything from a Trump. He would expect such preasants to send him gifts. Isn’t he in for a rude awakening on Christmas morning? The peasants of America will not grant you anything, as you have granted us nothing. Seasons Greetings Trump.

Sarcasm, satire, and snark just seem to spew from my being. I may not be everyone's cup of tea, but who can refuse coffee? ?

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