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Finally! The Rock Gets A Hollywood Star

By Touché

Amazing news just came out about Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. He is finally being honored with a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. Took long enough. Seriously, this man has starred in so many amazing movies. Let’s not forget his wrestling career either. Oh, there is also his being an author and model.

Dwayne’s response to getting a star just shows his amazing character, humility, and big heart.

Here’s another tweet that goes a little deeper into exactly how Dwayne Johnson’s character is.

What name will they put on his star? Guess we will have to wait and see. We will find out on December 13.

His fans are responding with nothing but congrats and gratitude.

He is not just a wrestler, actor, model, author, gorgeous, but he has inspired so many.

Here’s another story of him inspiring yet another person.

The congrats just continue to pour in.

We could go on and on with the congrats, but we must stop somewhere.

He also does some modeling (but of course…he is absolutely perfect for modeing). Just take a look at how gorgeous he looks in the Insiders #ManofStyle photo shoot. The Man Of Style title is well deserved.

It is nice to see some positive news coming out of Hollywood for once. No one deserves this Hollywood star more than The Rock. Dwayne, congrats on getting the most definite well-deserved public acknowledgment of your talents. Keep up the wonderful work.

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