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Donald Trump’s Personal, Private Spy Network

By Susan Kuebler

Reports are circulating throughout Washington that Donald Trump is considering setting up his own network of personal spies worldwide, based on a story published recently by The Intercept.  On Tuesday, The Hill gave a break down on the report.  Here are the key elements.

Trump Still Believes The “Deep State” Is Trying To Bring Down His Presidency

When it comes to conspiracy stories, Trump is far more willing to believe Alec Jones of InfoWars than his own intelligence agencies.  One of the most prevalent “theories” floating around is the one that there are  “deep state” operatives who are embedded deep the in the government working to bring down a Trump presidency.

Trump ran up against this idea when the “Steele Dossier” was reported to both him and President Obama by several intelligence agencies – not as definitive intel – but as a warning on info that was floating around about Trump.  This conspiracy theory is based on the ridiculous premise that there are thousands of career government Civil Service employees who are actively engaged in some type of plot against Trump.  Many of these people started with the Bush administration or earlier and continued to serve Barack Obama faithfully.

It is an insult to these people, who often work for far less money than they would receive in private sector, to serve our country.  We have already seen the destruction that has been wreaked on the State Department.  Other agencies are unraveling as well, from the DOJ to Education to Health and Human Services.

Yes, there are political operatives running the show.  But it’s up to Trump to appoint qualified replacements.  In this aspect, he is failing miserably.

Trump Does Trust His Own Intelligence Agencies

According to The Hill article, there are individuals whispering in the president’s ear who believe that CIA operatives hired during the Obama  administration are withholding key information from Trump.  Consider these points:  Trump has publicly said he is willing to believe Russian intel over his own agencies.  Trump endangered the life of an underground Israeli agent when he bragged to the Russian ambassador and others about a recent operation run by Israel that the U.S. was privy to.  No one knows whether Trump even receives the usual intelligence briefings or if he is able to understand them.  As we know from his own tweets, his primary source of information on any topic is Fox and Friends.

The Network Would Be Run By Erik Prince and Oliver North

If you don’t remember who Erik Prince is, he has two claims to fame.  He owns and operates a private security force called Blackwater and was implicated after the election in an attempt to set up a “back door” link with Russia during a meeting in the Seychelles.  He is also the brother of Trump’s Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos.  If you don’t know who Oliver North is, just google “Iran Contra Scandal.”  The organization that Prince wants to set up would profit him enormously and would operate outside any government overview or restrictions.  They would be “off the books” and report directly to the Director of the CIA and the President.

What Does The White House Say

According to The Hill “A spokesman for the National Security Council told The Intercept that the White House ‘does not and could not support such a proposal.'”  Another spokesman for the CIA also told The Intercept “You have been provided by wildly inaccurate information by people peddling an agenda.”

The Trump administration is notorious for leaking wild propositions to the public to determine the feedback from their ideas in what is commonly known as “Let’s run it up the flagpole and see if anyone salutes.”   Let us hope that this is just another one of those crazy notions.  Even the most hawkish neo-cons in Congress should hesitate before supporting a private spy organization reporting solely to Trump.

The whole concept is so Gestapo-ish.

“All shall be well and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well”. Julian of Norwich.

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