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Mueller Bags Biggest Bust To Date: Flynn

By Susan Kuebler

In breaking news Friday morning, Special Counsel Robert Mueller announced that Trump’s former National Security Advisor General Michael Flynn had been charged with one count of lying to the FBI about his conversations with the former Russian ambassador.  In addition, Flynn is expected to plead “guilty” to this charge per CNN News. If you recall, this is the same plea deal that former Trump campaign operative George Papadopoulos also reached with the Mueller investigation.

But unlike Papadopoulos, who Trump and his advisors tried to dismiss as a nobody, just a “coffee boy” on the campaign, the same cannot be said about General Flynn.  He is the first member of the Trump administration to be charged by the Special Counsel and this could mean really bad news for both Donald Trump and Michael Pence.  Why?  Because it is doubtful that Mueller would offer such an easy plea deal for Flynn unless he could offer up someone higher up on the food chain.  Trump and Pence are the only two who meet that criterion, but don’t think for a second that Jared Kushner isn’t sweating bullets right now as well.

This news also comes just one day after The New York Times broke a story that during the month of August, Trump called various high-level Republicans, including Senator Burr who chairs the Senate Intelligence Committee, trying to get them to drop the investigation in ties between the Trump campaign and Russia. This interaction is described succinctly in the following interview by Anderson Cooper of CNN News:

Trump dismissed warnings from both the Obama administration and then Acting Director of the FBI Sally Yates about Flynn’s dealings and potential culpability.  As recently as April of this year, Trump called Flynn and told him to “stay strong” which in light of events today could be interpreted as potential witness tampering.

Many are finding great irony in Flynn’s “lock her up” chants against Hillary Clinton during the campaign. One such instance is shown below:

Well, General Flynn, you are going to be sitting in jail today and Hillary Clinton isn’t.

Expect fireworks and Trumpertamtrums on Twitter today from Trump as he continues to desperately try to deflect the news away from the Russia investigation.  But those who hope that Trump will not last out his first term, or even his first year as president can take some comfort.  To paraphrase Winston Churchill, it looks like we’ve gone past the end of the beginning and are now reaching the beginning of the end.

"All shall be well and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well". Julian of Norwich.

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