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Tweeter-In-Chief: Unhinged & a Weird Connection

By Darrell Roberts 

In the past week (from 22 November – 29 November 2017) President Donald Trump has sent SEVENTY FOUR tweets (that is not counting any that may have been deleted).

Make no mistake; President Trump has shown himself to be a ridiculous tweet machine of propaganda, “Fake” news, #Alternative facts, personal insults, and general tomfoolery.  In truth, President Trump continues to reveal that he is an old d-bag (as in Dotardbag) that is filled with imbecilic rage mixed with the intelligence of a real dolt.

To highlight Trump’s latest round of absurdity, a short sampling underscoring the week of Trump in tweets:

NOTE: Trump’s disgusting propaganda retweets will NOT be shared (to read more about said tweets).

Difficult Decisions

It was only a week ago that Trump stooped below the dignity of his office to attack one, Mr. LaVar Ball.  Why? Oh, because Mr. Ball did not kiss the Trump ring for the release of his son and two other college basketball players from China.  In this instance, Trump taking high road would have earned him a smidge of redemption as Mr. Ball has his only public history of being a jerk.   No, that is not the Trump way.  The situation got weird when LaVar Ball came across as the “good” guy in this beef.  #StillWeird

Golf (Quickly)

Just wished to remind all: President Trump golfs a WHOLE lot.  However, this tweet represents one of the few times that Trump has been honest about his golfing habit.


Dotards were so 2016.  In 2017, it’s MUELLER TIME!

Fox News MUCH More….WHAT?  HAHA

Do you even Politifact, bro?  However, here’s an exciting Happenstance.  The very same day, same day, Russia:

Putin Signs Bill Targeting U.S. media!?!

On the same day! Not going to say it’s one more example of President Trump just so happening to serve Russia’s interest over America’s or a key ally.

Really? An Alabama “Liberal” would BAD?

Um, um.  There is nothing to say.  One must wonder if Alabama mothers are telling their children to watch out for strangers trying to hand out free “Obama” phones or provide affordable health care benefits?   Just a suggestion, but here’s to hoping that Alabama parents are also telling their children to watch out for the 30-year old creep offering candy (which he forgot) in his van which he assures, “Is right outside in my van.”

Russia, you say?

Not going to point out that it is the same President Trump that revealed Top-Secret information to Russia, in the Oval Office, as he bragged about being clear of the Russian investigation because he just fired FBI Director James Comey.  Again, not going to say.  Also, not going to add that American media was banned for that said meeting, but thankfully…it was covered by Russia media?  #StillWeird.  Here is an excellent new exclusive article to read:  “What Trump Really Told Kislyak after Comey was Canned.”

Dishonest, Corrupt, and/or Distorted–True

REMINDER: this tweet is from a man that, during his Presidency, tells an average 5.5 lies every day.

Weak and Out of Control!  

It’s too bad that Putin does not take a knee to protest, huh?  Oh, but Putin is a “special” guy.  However, it is #StillWeird that President Trump has not publicly criticized: Basketball coaches Steve Kerr and Greg Popovich for their harsh (and justified) criticism nor rapper Eminem for his highly rated digs at Trump.   Nope. It seems that the President focuses his harshest criticism for those of a darker hue and women.  #StillWeird

By What Measure?

How is hiring a guy that hates the CFPB going to be a big win for the consumer?  You mean like killing a rule that not makes it more difficult to file lawsuits against banks–ya know…because that’s what consumers want.

My Guess: Same Time a Certain POTUS is FIRED!

Blah, blah, blah.  When do politicians (especially America’s top politician) start being held to the same standard as Hollywood does?

Writing is my passion, whether you agree, disagree, love, or hate the expression of my passion is not important. What is important, is that those that read my words are never bored by doing so.

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