Trump’s “Pocahontas” Joke Backfires Big Time

By Touché

Oh, Trump Trump Trump (read with a disappointing tone and a dramatic facepalm). Will you ever learn? You absolutely must rein in that racist, bigoted, narcissistic mouth of your’s. Here’s a little tip for you: when speaking to a certain group of people, DO NOT use a racial slur. In fact, how about you stop using racial slurs altogether.

Yes, you read that correctly. Trump was supposed to be holding a ceremony to honor the Navaho Code Talkers who served in the military. Of course, he had to botch it. He thought he was being clever when he made a joke about calling Senator Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas.”

More like the notoriously racist so-called President is just continuing to hurt innocent people. He is the biggest bully ever. Melania needs to focus her entire campaign against bullying on Trump.

Sorry, not sorry Trump supporters. Sweeping this audacious racial slur under the rug will not make this go away. The Native Americans say that derogatory “nicknames” are an offensive racial slur. Then by golly, it is something that shouldn’t be uttered in any instance.

To put a chery on top of this disaster of a sundae, Trump used the racial slur while standing under Andrew Jackson portrait, noted for his wars against the Seminole Indians of Florida as well as being responsible for the deportation of many eastern Indians in the infamous “Trail of Tears.”  Irony or is it something much more sinister (sinister would be my guess).

As you can see, most folks are not too pleased at this disrespectful debacle. It should have never been said.

It is shameful to address anyone as “Pocahontas.” Get some common decency.

Well, regardless of what Trump’s motivation is for attacking Senator Elizabeth Warren, she will be having none of it. Good for her. Don’t let this Dotard get to you in any way.

Trump, will you ever develop compassion and empathy? Without those two character traits, success will always elude you. Stop calling people derogatory racist “nicknames.” How about you memorize these people’s actual names. That would get you in less trouble. It is a farfetched idea, so the best thing that could happen here is impeachment or resignation. Hate it break it to you (not really, I really rather enjoy it) but your ratings are tanking and they continue to fall. Take a hint, bud.

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