Trump vs Time Mazagine

Trump vs Time Magazine

By Touché

Just when you thought Trump couldn’t any further reaffirm his nickname, Dotard, he is always up for a challenge. Just in case you forgot, Kim Jong-un called Trump a Dotard. Dotard is defined as an old person, especially one who has become weak or senile. Trump shows the world that he is either senile or living in an alternate reality. Both are not good for the person that is supposed to be running America.

First, this 280 character tweet crap is way too much for Trump. He claims that Time Magazine offered him to be 2017 Time’s person of the year. He continues to claim that he said no due to them needing an interview and photo shoot (two of his favorite things). Why would Trump be chosen for Person of the Year anyway?

You have to love Time trying to be nice while clarifying the claim from Trump was incorrect. They should’ve just torn into him (guess they’re nicer than I would ever be).

Surely everyone is thinking Trump is flat out delusional. Why would the President of the United States need to make up such lies? It is really rather disturbing.

It is so very true. Trump is super obsessed with Time Magazine. Even to the point of hanging fake covers on his golf resorts walls. Pathetic…seriously pathetic.

Since Trump was called out by Time as being incorrect, of course, he fires back with more rubbish. He even admits to having an alternative Trump reality. He was probably trying to be cute or clever, but when it’s reality, it tends to not be either.

Twitter responds to Trump’s “incorrect” claims. The best part is all of the mocking going on here. The below tweets are humorous, ironic, and cleaver. Enjoy.

Nefarious Potato for Potato of the Year. This potato ain’t no fool. “Probably no good” to roll around in salt and then take a warm bath.

This lady’s schedule is so booked she turned down an astronaut position offered from NASA. You know, maybe next year.

You have to appreciate a little mocking from tennis champ, Andy Murray. He was offered the sports personality of the year. Of course, he turned it down.

Ms. Julia Louis-Dreyfus wanted to throw her hat into the mix. She was probably going to be named comedienne of the year. Julia, of course, responded with correct English “I said probably is no good and took a pass. Thanks anyways!”.

David Schneider was offered probably the best offer. He was offered to be named the next James Bond. Not sure who would turn this one down, but he turns down the interview and photo shoot. Thusly, denying him from ever being James Bond. Bummer.

Hey Trump, the whole world can see your insecurity hanging out. The entire world is laughing at you right now. Time Magazine is way too smart to put you on their cover this year. Their ratings and sales would plummet. No one wants to read about your many many many successes (Oops, I meant failures). We are looking straight at you and call bullcrap to this entire dramatic ordeal you tried to create.

Sarcasm, satire, and snark just seem to spew from my being. I may not be everyone's cup of tea, but who can refuse coffee? ?

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