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The Man Who Forgot Where His Wife Worked

By Susan Kuebler

Memory can be a tricky thing, especially if you are an older person, or happen to work for the Trump administration, or both.  Let’s take Jared Kushner as an example.  Now he certainly doesn’t have the excuse of old age, yet somehow he has “forgotten” so many financial entanglements he had, he has had to revise his security clearance form at least three times.  Which begs the question: Why does Jared Kushner have a security clearance?  The answer to that one is obvious.

Now we have Attorney General Jeff Sessions who “forgot” about at least three meetings with Russians although he apparently is testifying this morning before the House Judiciary Committee saying he “never lied” about anything in his previous testimony to that Committee.

And then there’s this:

AG Sessions needs to have a little chat with Nixon White House Counsel John Deal on just how well the “I don’t recall” defense works when testifying before Congress.

Donald Trump is in a class by himself.  A man who can forget he said something the day after he was recorded on video saying it.  Don’t forget his interview with Lester Hold when he admitted on national television that his reason for firing James Comey was because of the Russia investigation, even though his surrogates had already put forth two different explanations just a couple of days earlier.

But for the sake of argument, let us assume that someone can have so many financial obligations that you can forget a few billion dollars you might owe someone.  Or that you were so busy working on a campaign that you simply don’t recall a few meetings here and there with Russian government officials, including the ambassador.  Although how anyone can forget this face is beyond me.

But the level of memory loss reached epic proportions last week when Donald Trump nominated Brett J. Talley, of Alabama, to a lifetime appointment to the Federal District Court in Montgomery Alabama.  Let us practice some memory loss here and review what has been reported recently by The Washington Post:

Forget, for a moment, that Mr. Talley has only practiced law for three years.

Forget, for a moment, that Mr. Talley has never tried a single case.

Forget, for a moment, that Mr. Talley was rated “non-qualified” by the American Bar Association (he is one of four Trump judicial nominees to receive this dubious honor)

But do not forget that when Mr. Talley completed a 30-page, detailed questionnaire for the Senate Judiciary Committee, which is required for all potential nominees, he was asked “to disclose family members who are likely to present conflicts of interest if he is confirmed.”  Mr. Talley’s response to that question was that he would evaluate “any real or potential conflict, or relationships that could give rise to appearance of conflict” and recuse himself from cases if necessary.

Did Mr. Talley not know that his wife Annie Donaldson is the Chief of Staff for White House Counsel Donald McGahan?  The same White House Counsel who recommends appointments to the judiciary.  Because he certainly didn’t list her name among any “family members who are likely to present conflicts of interest if he is confirmed.”   The only possible explanation is that he “forgot” that his wife worked as a lawyer for the White House.

The Senate Judiciary Committee knew that Mr. Talley had only practiced law for three years, that he had never tried a single case, and that he was rated “non-qualilfied” by the American Bar Association when they approved his confirmation, along strict party lines, for the federal judgeship.  His nomination now goes to the full Senate for confirmation.

With all the air being sucked out of the political conversation by the possible election of Judge Roy Moore, don’t let the Senate get away with approving this guy for a federal judgeship.  Don’t let people get away with saying “well, everybody knew his wife worked in the White House.”  Talley LIED on his questionnaire and there should be at least three Senators with the gumption to stand up and say that this man should not be a federal judge.

And don’t forget that this is the lasting legacy that Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell want to foist on the American people long after they have departed the scene.  A totally unqualified person who might just sit in judgement on your and yours at some time in the future.

"All shall be well and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well". Julian of Norwich.

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