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Update On Puerto Rico: New Scandal Breaking!

By Susan Kuebler

Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico on September 20, 2017.  We are now one week short of it’s being two full months and the recovery process is still negligible.  In fact, there have been some significant, if short-term setbacks.

On November 10th, the island suffered a massive power outage when one of the main transmission lines that had been worked on by, you guessed it, Whitefish Energy, failed, leaving only 16 percent of the island with electrical power.  Still by November 12th only 41 percent of the island had electrical power as reported by FEMA.  FEMA also does not specify if the power is coming through the power grid or is a result of the 428 generators they have finally sent to the island.

As far as food and water for the stranded islanders, the story is not much better. In fact, let’s examine just exactly what FEMA claims on their website has occurred.

“FEMA, working in coordination with federal partners,  has provided 30.7 million meals and 39.69 million liters of water to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.  Additional meals and supplies continue to arrive to the islands regularly via air and sea.”  [Emphasis added by FEMA]  But what exactly do those meals consist of.

EatPrayVote learned some disturbing facts yesterday.  Look at the post below:

But it gets even more interesting.  Closer examination of the box these “meals” were delivered in trace back to a company called Longbranch Partners, LLC with an address of Ellijay, Georgia.  The only contact information in that small backwater town in the north Georgia mountains is a Post Office box.

Is the potted meat considered one of the 12 “entrees” provided?  Do fruit rollups count as one of the12 fruits provided?  In an irony that will be lost on many, Ellijay, Georgia prides itself on its annual “Apple Festival” held every October.  Surely a company providing food from that town could have thrown in at least one Golden Delicious.

But an internet search for Longbranch Partners LLC revealed the following information, which you may verify by clicking on the link for their site.

According to the website GovTribe.com, this company, which is run by two men with 10 employees, was last active three years ago.  Telephone calls to the listed numbers at the Canton, GA headquarters show that these numbers have been disconnected.  Does this remind anyone of Whitefish Energy?

However, a search of corporations registered in Georgia through the office of the Georgia Secretary of State shows that their headquarters are now in Miramar, Florida – again only a Post Office Box is used for their address and NO telephone number.  Attempts to obtain a telephone listing for their Registered Agent Michael Ring in Atlanta, either business or residential, came up empty.

EatPrayVote will continue to investigate this developing story.  Many questions remain.  How did a company that had been inactive for three years suddenly obtain a FEMA contract?  How much is this tiny operation being paid to supply junk food instead of basic nutrition to the residents of Puerto Rico?  Who approved this arrangement and is there any oversight being conducted?

We will keep you updated as soon as answers to these questions become available.

"All shall be well and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well". Julian of Norwich.

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