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Major Earthquake Pummels Iraq/Iran Border

By Touché

Another horrendously tragic earthquake has hit. This time the 7.3 quake shook the Iran/Iraq border. The preliminary numbers were modest to say the least. As time continued the true numbers were starting to become staggering.

Over 400 have died while the injured number is over 6,000. Upwards of 70,000 people need shelter. These numbers will continue to increase as folks are still searching and digging through the rubble.

When the earthquake hit late Sunday night, people ran out of their homes, businesses, etc. to avoid crumbling buildings. Many people slept in the streets after the initial quake. This catastrophic earthquake had surpassed the Mexico earthquake to become the deadliest quake in 2017 (Not an award anyone wants to receive).

The damage done by this earthquake just keeps surfacing. The Darbandikhan Dam has developed cracks in it. These people do not need a flood on top of this quake. The devastation just continues to mount as assessments are being done. The first few photos are absolutely heartbreaking.

Another huge immediate concern is the nightly dropping temperatures for those that are now without homes. The lowest nightly temp could be 32°F, possibly causing cold weather related illnesses.

Rescue services are being sent from all over. Multiple other sources have offered their help as well. Some are waiting for the request for services and are ready as soon as that request comes down for help.

This situation will only continue to develop throughout the days and weeks. We must send our prayers, thoughts, and support to our fellow brother and sisters.

Let’s put our differences aside during this time. Above Everything else, these are just people that have gone through a very traumatic  situation. They do not need politics right now, but rather a helping hand.

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