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If Only D.C. Held the Same Standard as Hollyweird, Right?

By Darrell Roberts

Throughout their history, both Hollywood and Washington D.C. are known to have their share of scandals.  Both are known for allowing powerful men to victimize innocent prey.   Even worse, both have also been known to offer protection for those that inflict extreme physical, emotional, and long-lasting suffering on many of those they destroy.   However, the times are now changing; this behavior is no longer acceptable.  Well, at least not in Hollywood.  Unfortunately, in D.C. this type of conduct is not only still acceptable it has become defensible.


Harvey Weinstein FIRED!   Journalist Mark Halperin FIRED!  Filmmaker Brett Ratner FIRED!  Kevin Spacey FIRED! Now, Louis C.K. FIRED!

In the case of Harvey Weinstein, he was fired from his own company that bears his name. As for Kevin Spacey, he has already been replaced in two movies to include a completed film.  The film, All the Money in the World, set for an upcoming December release will replace Kevin Spacey with Christopher Plummer.  The director of the film, Ridley Scott, intends to reshoot all of Spacey’s scenes and still keep the film’s December release date.

Since the new surrounding Louis C.K. has erupted publicly, the release of his latest movie scheduled for November 17, 2017, has already been canceled.  Plus, HBO uninvited Mr. C.K. to perform at an upcoming benefit comedy special, and Netflix canceled a future C.K. special.

In America, all are innocent until proven guilty but the cloud of suspicion grows into believable patterns of conduct once a magical number reaches somewhere after three or more victims step forward in claiming the same pattern of activity.   At such a point, one no longer is innocent.  Sure, they are technically innocent of criminality, but the court of public opinion should realize that multiple people independently of another making the same claim is the likely truth.  At such a point, there are just too many accusations to willfully ignore and defend by dismissing the victims as mere liars.

In America’s political arena this type of blame the victim reasoning has become a new norm not only in D.C. but also extending into places like Alabama.  The latest case that involves Senate candidate Roy Moore (R) is not a new beginning but a new status quo.

For proof, look no further than Fox “News” and willfully ignoring years of blatant abuse, rumblings, and financial settlements.  For instance, when Bill O’Reilly’s latest multi-million dollar settlement was made public, Fox and O’Reilly used the power of the non-disclosure agreement to claim it was nothing but a malicious political attack.  Recent history has proven that Fox News will not lose support by claims that their political opponents are to blame for everything.

In a recent interview by Sean Hannity, Roy Moore uses the same Fox “it is just a political attack because Democrats are evil” narrative.  Of particular note, pay attention to Moore’s prediction of future “attacks” to be waged against him, sounds suspicious, huh?

Remember, the tale of Representative Scott DesJarlais (R) from Tennessee?   In 2012, it was revealed that DesJarlais not only had an affair but he also urged both his mistress and wife to have multiple abortions.  This goes 100% against DesJarlais’ claimed hardline position of allegedly being “pro-life.”  Thus, one would believe that he would lose his support among his constituents and at worst, he would be “repealed and replaced” by another Republican challenger.  Guess what?  Never happened.  DesJarlais won his 2012, 2014, and 2016 re-election bids.  In 2016, he defeated his Democratic challenger by thirty percentage points.  But “at least he ain’t no Demon-Rat!”

There are other examples, but let’s skip ahead to the most significant case of all, President Donald Trump. Less than two weeks ago, Sarah Huckabee Sanders would claim all the sexual allegations against Trump are lies.

Although not an “official” record or a true source, check out Donald Trump’s sexual misconduct Wikipedia page (for reference only, but there are links within the article to legitimate sources).   However, those really eager to read, check out The Atlantic article,  The Many Scandals of Donald Trump: A Cheat Sheet.

As Trump was attacking Hillary Clinton for Bill’s sexual misconduct, the media was mainly ignoring a lawsuit against both Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein.  In the suit, Trump is alleged to have raped a then thirteen-year-old girl while also having been allegedly involved with raping other underage girls.  The plaintiff would later drop the suit, but here is the most interesting part of her lawsuit–she had a witness.  In fact, in the court filing, an employee of Mr. Epstein’s verified that she observed attacks on both the accuser and other young girls by Donald Trump.  Days before the 2016 election, the accuser would drop her suit, in the associated announcement it was claimed the victim was threatened and was in fear.

The case of Trump serves as an example of how many of those that will eagerly believe Hillary Clinton and John Podesta were running a pedophile ring out of a Washington D.C. pizza shop, while also willfully ignoring claims against “their guy.”  Although nothing new, it remains part of a lingering status quo of tribalism politics.   In the year 2017, the script of accepting that “boys will be boys” and “it’s just locker room talk” appears to be over in Hollywood.  This type of behavior should no longer be acceptable anywhere.  That is not a partisan position, it is a human one.

In closing, it worked when Hannibal Bures re-out Bill Cosby, so here are a few reminders of a guy by the name of Ted Nugent and his past that includes adopting an underage girl so that he could have sex with her.  Also, Courtney Love’s claim against Nugent merits further investigation due to Mr. Nugent’s campaigning for many that claim to have superior “values.”

During the research of this article, the recent allegations made against Charlie Sheen having raped an underage Corey Haim turned to a new (but old) focus.  During an interview on the Dr. Oz show,  Haim’s mother claimed that Charlie Sheen was not the one that harmed her late son.

Judy Haim told Dr. Oz, “This guy Dominick is the guy that abused my son,”  Mr. Haim’s mother would go on to blame Corey Feldman and Brascia for “for introducing her son to Brascia and to drugs.” Adding that Brascia “made up a lot of stories” as he was a key source in the recent allegations against Charlie Sheen.

It is unfortunate that Mr. Haim’s abuse is still a means to blame or perhaps to gain attention, exposure, and money.   To settle this dispute, once and for all, let us all take Mr. Hal Marshyll’s proposed solution from October 2016.  Also an actor, Mr. Marshyll challenges both Corey Feldman and Dominick Brascia to take polygraph tests.  The question now becomes when you need him, where’s Maury?  Perhaps all the accused and accusers within this article will step up to take a polygraph test too?  After all, if one is willing to call others a liar, they should be prepared to prove it, right?

Writing is my passion, whether you agree, disagree, love, or hate the expression of my passion is not important. What is important, is that those that read my words are never bored by doing so.

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