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Don’t Mis-Use The Bible To Defend Roy Moore

By Susan Kuebler

Just in case you’ve missed the news over the last couple of days, The Washington Post published the following on November 9th “Woman says Roy Moore initiated sexual encounter when she was 14, he was 32.”  This has led to a number of prominent Republicans including Mitt Romney, John McCain, and even Peter King to call for him to step aside from the Senate race.

Naturally, the first response from the Moore-enabling supporters who include the likes of Steve Bannon have accused the Washington Post of publishing fake news.  However, this story was meticulously documented by WaPo and is supported by thirty (30) sources.  That is practically unheard of in journalism.  In addition, there are three other girls (now women) who have come forth with contemporaneous and similar allegations.  Plus these women have come forth publicly, allowing their names to be used.

Then there is the vehement cry of “innocent until proven guilty.”  That is a time-honored legal concept, but there will be no prosecution of Moore because the statute of limitations has long expired.  It most certainly does not apply in the court of public opinion as evidenced by the recent outcries against sexual abusers in Hollywood.  Where were these people when Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, along with many other liberal Hollywood elites were accused of basically the same thing, and in some instances even worse?

Based on allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior, and in the Kevin Spacey case one that involved minors, Weinstein was forced out the company he founded and Spacey ‘s acting career is over.  Not only has Spacey been written out of his role in the series “House of Cards” ; producers of a movie scheduled to be released in December will have ALL of Spacey’s scenes re-cast with actor Christopher Plummer.

Now one would think that in an area of the nation known as the “Bible belt” that people using the Bible to defend the pedophile charges against the current Republican candidate for the Senate, Judge Roy Moore, would at least have an idea about what is actually in the Bible.

One of the most biblically incorrect defenses came from the Alabama State Auditor Jim Ziegler who told the Washington Examiner in an interview yesterday that Roy Moore had not done anything wrong because

“Also take Joseph and Mary.  Mary was a teenager and Joseph was an adult carpenter.  They became the parents of Jesus.”

The first takeaway from this interview and quite possibly the most important one is that Ziegler is not denying the charges against Moore.  Instead he is saying what Moore did was okay because it also happened in the Bible.  Excuse me?  What?

The Bible gives us no information on the respective ages of Mary and Joseph.  Mary MAY have been a teenager, but all we know from Scripture is that she was a maiden, or in other words, a virgin.  Joseph probably was older than Mary, but again we don’t know how old he was.  As marriage was strongly encouraged by Jewish tradition at the time, so he might have been a young man at the time.  There is nothing in Scripture describing Joseph as a widower which would imply he might have been older.  That belief came about later in Christian thought.

One of the central tenets of all of Christianity is the belief in the virgin birth of Jesus.  Even Muslims embrace this tenet.  In other words, Joseph most certainly did not father Jesus.  But he and Mary were married when Jesus was born.  While some Christian faith traditions (especially the Catholics)  maintain the perpetual virginity of Christ, all agree that Joseph did not have any sexual relations with Mary prior to the birth of Jesus.

For anyone to compare the behavior of an older man preying on teenagers to the story of Mary and Joseph should be an abomination to every Christian throughout the world.  And no doubt to all Muslims as well, although Joseph does not appear in their narratives of the birth of Jesus.

Oh, and just one more little point to make.  The New Testament was written originally in Koine Greek and the word used to describe Joseph’s job “tekton” does not necessarily translate into “carpenter.”  Most sources say that it refers to a craftsman of some sort, but he could have followed many other trades.

Now we are hearing that Roy Moore’s brother is comparing his persecution to that of Jesus.

You. Have. Got. To. Be. Kidding. Me.

There is absolutely no defense for Judge Roy Moore to be found anywhere in either the Hebrew or Christian scriptures.  And anyone trying to twist our Scriptures to say what he did was not wrong not only exposes his total lack of understanding of basic Christianity, he also exposes his total lack of understanding of humanity.

"All shall be well and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well". Julian of Norwich.

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