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Tuesday Nov 7th: A Night of Historic Firsts

By Touché

Democrats dominated yesterday’s voting. That wasn’t the only message that Americans wanted to send. Many of these newly elected officials are historic firsts. Isn’t that amazingly wonderful? Voters showed that racism, bigotry, and hate will not be allowed in America any longer. Trump base, how you like them apples?

Let’s look at some of those that made history. St Paul, MN elected their first African American mayor, Melvin Carter.

New Jersey elected their first Sikh mayor, Ravinder Bhalla. Way to throw religious discrimination out the window New Jersey.

Helena City, Montana elected a former Liberian refugee, Collins, to be their first black mayor. Crushing stereotypes all over the place here.

Women got in on the historic wins as well. Seattle elected their first lesbian mayor, Jenny Durkan. In addition to that, she is the first woman mayor since the 1920’s.

Charlotte, NC and Milledgeville, GA elected their first African American woman mayor, Ms.Vi Lyles and Ms. Mary Copeland.

Joyce Craig has been elected first woman mayor of Manchester, NH. If we can enough women in office, perhaps things can actually get things accomplished (feminist rant over now).

A Democatic Socialist, Lee Carter, defeated Republican House Majority Whip, Jackson Miller, despite being compared to Stalin and friends.

Frank Gilliam, an African American, upset the Republican incumbent, Don Guardian, to take the mayoral seat of Atlantic City.

New Jersey elected their first African American Lieutenant governor, Ms. Sheila Oliver.

Back in 2015, Alison Parker was shot to death during a live report on the local news. Her boyfriend, Chris Hurst, ran against the NRA-backed Republican and won. Now he can roll up his sleeves and fight for common sense gun control. Best of luck to him in his future endeavors.

Despite Republicans vicious attacks, love always wins. Hate will never get anyone anywhere.

There were so many upsets, firsts, and unbelievable changes that happened during the election last night.  We want to wish everyone that won last night, congratulations. We look forward to America continuing down this progressive non-hateful path. This is how you “Make America Great Again”. 

Sarcasm, satire, and snark just seem to spew from my being. I may not be everyone's cup of tea, but who can refuse coffee? ?

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