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The Trump/Pompeo Conspiracy

By Darrell Roberts

Apparently, President Trump has decided to diversify his investigative talents into the 2016 Election meddling.  So, sure is the President that it was everyone but Russia, Mr. Trump turned to a most favorable voice speaking into his ear–that voice belongs to Mr. William Binney.  The President seemed so eager to believe Mr. Binney–he arranged a meeting between Binney and the CIA Director Mike Pompeo.

Some (most) may be wondering, “Who is William Binney?”

Aha, Mr. Binney is a 74-year old retired National Security Agency (NSA) employee turned lead pusher of the “Russia didn’t hack and leak the Democratic National Committee emails–Hillary Clinton did!” conspiracy. First thing of note about Mr. Binney is that he retired from the NSA in October 2001. After his retirement, he began to actively speak about against the NSA data collection program.

(A 2013 USA Today interview with Binney for those wishing to learn more about him.)

In 2007, Mr. Binney’s home was raided by the F.B.I.

During a 2012 interview with Amy Goodman, Mr. Binney stated:


AMY GOODMAN: And what happened?

WILLIAM BINNEY: They came busting in.

AMY GOODMAN: Who’s “they”?

WILLIAM BINNEY: The FBI. About 12 of them, I think, 10 to 12. They came in with the guns drawn, on my house.

AMY GOODMAN: Where were you?

WILLIAM BINNEY: I was in the shower. I was taking a shower, so my son answered the door. And they of course pushed him out of the way at gunpoint and came running upstairs and found me in the shower, and came in and pointed the gun at me while I was, you know—

AMY GOODMAN: Pointed a gun at your head?

WILLIAM BINNEY: Oh, yeah. Yes. Wanted to make sure I saw it and that I was duly intimidated, I guess.

JUAN GONZALEZ: And what did they—what did they do at that point? Did they begin questioning you? Or they just took you to headquarters? Or—

WILLIAM BINNEY: No, no. Yeah, they basically separated us from—I was separated from my family. Took me on the back porch, and they started asking me questions about it. They were basically wanting me to tell them something that would implicate someone in a crime. And so, I told them that I didn’t really know—they wanted to know about certain people, that was—they were the ones that were being raided at the same time, people who—we all signed—those who were raided that day, all of us signed the DOD-IG complaint. We were the ones who filed that complaint.

AMY GOODMAN: The Pentagon—

WILLIAM BINNEY: The Pentagon DOD-IG, against—

AMY GOODMAN: —inspector general complaint.

Mr. Binney would not face charges but did lose his security clearance.  The loss of his security clearance cost Mr. Binney his job in a private company which yielded Mr. Binney an annual six-figure salary (estimated to be around $300,000 a year).

After having his home raided and losing both his clearance and big money job, Mr. Binney would begin to proclaim “don’t trust the U.S.” on multiple occasions.  To include, being a part of a group that sent German Chancellor Angela Merkle a signed letter in 2014 titled The State Department Says Russia Is Invading Ukraine—Should We Believe It?

In 2016, Mr. Binney was among the first and most popular conspiracy pushers of the “it was not Russia, it was Hillary” narrative.  Of course, this made Mr. Binney popular with organizations like Fox News and RT (also known as Russia Today).  This conspiracy would grow serious legs once Sean Hannity took up the cause and began to push the theory too.

Let us recap,  President Trump has repeatedly questioned and denied the U.S. intelligence agencies’ assessment that Russia hacked the DNC and meddled in the 2016 election.  However, Trump has no problem believing a guy that has not worked inside the government since 2001.   The question is: why does President Trump believe Mr. Binney?  Is it because Sean Hannity told him to?  Or because it blames “Crooked Hillary” and not Russia?

Please be advised, this is the first article on this developing story.  The next article will examine both President Trump’s history of not believing the U.S. intelligence agencies and CIA Director Mike Pompeo’s “missteps” since being appointed to his current position.

Writing is my passion, whether you agree, disagree, love, or hate the expression of my passion is not important. What is important, is that those that read my words are never bored by doing so.


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