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Finally! A Bill To Close Gun Loophole

By Touché

In light of the recent shooting at a small Texas church, gun control has become center stage once again (And rightly so). Twenty-six individuals were killed that Sunday morning (The deadliest shooting in Texas history). Republican Sen. Flake (AZ) and Democrat Sen. Heinrich (NM) have joined forces to introduce a new gun control bill.

The bill goes after a loophole in the current gun background check system. Previously, the Texas suspect had been convicted of domestic violence in a military court. Here’s the loophole: the military does not report domestic violence misdemeanors to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, which is the database used for the background checks to be able to buy a gun. What? Unbelievable.

Let’s get this straight. If someone in the military is convicted of domestic violence that incident is not reported as it would be for a civilian in regular criminal court. This would allow convicted military domestic violence suspects to still be able to get a gun legally. That is one heck of a loophole.

Luckily, there are a couple senators who actually care and want to take steps to resolving this one problem. There are many other issues in the gun control system, but this is a step in the right direction. No domestic violence perpetrator should be able to get their hands legally on any gun whether they be civilian or military. Had this been in place, 26 innocent people would have their lives today. This sick man killed church attendeees ranging from a fetus to a 77-year old.

Congress jump on board with this common sense loophole closure. Do it for those who have been murdered and for those in the future who will be spared. Pass this bipartisan gun control bill immediately. Let this be the first step in many to comprehensive common sense gun control.

Americans are counting on you to do your job. Don’t let us down.

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