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Ten Takeaways: Trump’s New Approval Ratings

By Darrell Roberts 

In the latest CNN Poll conducted by the independent research company the SSRS, only 36% approve of the President’s job performance.  Although Trump has received lower approval numbers in other various polls, this marks a new historical low for Trump in the CNN Polls.

Ten takeaways from the newest national poll:

One: Only thirty-four percent approve of Trump’s handling of the Russian investigation compared to fifty-four percent that disapproves.

Two:  However, this is an improvement for Trump from past pollings; those approving increased from thirty-one percent while disapproval decreased from fifty-eight percent.

Three: At a 2 to 1 margin (64% to 32%), Americans view the Russian investigation as a serious matter over those that see the inquiry as an attack against Trump’s presidency.

Four: Even worse news for Trump, nearly two-thirds (65%) state that they are somewhat (21%) to very concerned (44%) about reports of Trump officials meeting Russian representatives during the 2016 election.

Five: Previously, just under half (49%) claimed to be somewhat (22%) to very concerned (27%) about the dealings between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Six: Nearly three out of five (59%) believe that Trump personally knew about his campaign’s involvement with Russians during the 2016 election.

Seven: Worst of all for Trump, over 8 out of 10 (83%) consider the charges in the Russia investigation as indicating either a limited (44%) to widespread (39%) coordination effort between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Eight: The President’s highest approval comes from those listed in the category of white (45%), men(43%), and over the age of 50-years old (45%).

Nine:  Conversely, those listed as non-white (77%), women (64%), and under 50-years old (64%) profusely disapprove of the President.

Ten: Trump continues to receive positive approval ratings among both conservatives (69%) and Republicans (86%).  However, all other groups strongly disapprove with Democrats leading the way (92%), liberal (88%), independent (59%), and among moderates (66%).

In review, the President’s approval continues to slip as the Mueller-led special counsel investigation appears to be making strides.  Furthermore, the American public seems to be paying attention to the developing breaks in the Trump/Russia saga.  As a result, much concern has started to rise as the public becomes more aware of specific Russia activities to influence the 2016 U.S. election.  The public also sees the developing news around members of Trump’s campaign as worrisome, and many are beginning to view the President himself at least being aware of the actions of those within his campaign.

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