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Prayers for Rand Paul’s Recovery

By Susan Kuebler

In light of my article published yesterday regarding “prayers” and the Texas church shooting, please do not think that the title of this piece is in any way sarcastic or insincere.  Praying for the recovery of someone seriously injured, as happened to Senator Rand Paul, is not something I take lightly.  Prayer can be a power weapon, not necessarily for how it can change others, but for how it can change you.

Senator Rand Paul was violently assaulted by a neighbor over the weekend.  As a result of the attack, he suffered five broken ribs and a bruised lung.  His recovery from these injuries will be slow and painful.  Anyone who has suffered fractured or broken multiple ribs can verify this statement.

As reported in The Hill, an aide to Senator Paul states that “it is unclear when Paul plans to return to work as he deals with searing pain that prevents him from traveling and flying.”

No matter what the disagreement was between Senator Paul and his neighbor, whether political, social, professional, or a dispute over property lines – violence is never the answer.  There is a saying that you can’t choose your family or your neighbors.  But you can choose how you interact with them.  You can choose to settle disputes either through mediation by other family members or neighbors, through legal action, or simply by ignoring the offending parties.  You do not settle disputes with fists, baseball bats, or guns.

Whether we agree with Senator Paul’s politics or not, we should all be concerned when the safety of one of our elected representatives is threatened.  Senator Paul was at home mowing his lawn in a gated community when he was attacked.  He was in a place where any one of us should feel safe and secure.

And whether we agree with Senator Paul’s politics or not, we should all be praying for his swift and speedy recovery.  Because that is what makes our country great.

“All shall be well and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well”. Julian of Norwich.

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