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The Silence Of The Sheep

By Susan Kuebler

Those following the breaking news events of this week, which began with #ManafortMonday, may have missed what is possibly the most dangerous threat to the Trump presidency.  No, it’s not the evidence of collusion with Russia provided by George Papadopoulos.  Nor is it Jared Kushner turning over documents to the Mueller investigation.  Instead, it is the silence.  The loud, deafening silence of the sheep.

No one, no one on Capitol Hill, no one in the media, not one single person has come to Trump’s defense. Even his former strategist and campaign manager Steve Bannon was quoted as saying he feared that Trump would not survive an impeachment in the House.  Senator Lindsay Graham said there would be “hell to pay” if Trump attempted to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Even Trump’s most vocal and rabid supporters, such as Sean Hannity, could only try to deflect from Trump through his continued and baseless attacks on Hillary Clinton, the DNC, and even Jake Tapper from CNN News in the only defense left to them – the SODDI (some other dude did it) defense.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has been totally focused on ramming through the GOP tax reform bill through Congress and could not be distracted to defend the sitting president of his own party.  From Mitch McConnell – crickets.   There has been no circling of the wagons around the embattled president, like we saw during the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky scandal.  Congress is showing Trump the same loyalty he showed to them – which is none.  Instead, they are desperately trying to get legislation passed in spite of Trump.

Trump has certainly not helped his own cause either.  His tweeting reached epic proportions in fits of rage against – well, just about everybody.  Reportedly he blames his son-in-law Jared Kushner for getting him into this fix in the first place by advising him to fire FBI Director James Comey.  But when you have a president with no political experience taking political advice from a family member with no political experience, a political disaster is pretty much a given.

As Trump departs for a high-stakes 14-day trip to Asia, he is leaving in his wake a series of disturbing comments he made this week.  Despite his claims that nobody, and certainly not Trump, even remembers who George Papadopoulos is, there is much evidence to the contrary.  He is now attacking his own Justice Department for not investigating Hillary Clinton and bemoaned the fact that as president he was not allowed to participate in the investigation.  He attacked the nation’s premier law enforcement agency, the F.B.I., and in particular the leadership of it by Robert Mueller.  His statements revealing his frustration at not being able to use the DOJ as his personal agency to attack his political opponents appear almost daily.

When questioned in an interview with Fox News if he were concerned about the number of high-level positions that remain unfilled in the State Department, he made one of the most revealing statements of his presidency

Meanwhile, the Mueller investigation grinds on relentlessly.  It hangs over Trump’s head like the sword of Damocles.  Further indictments ARE coming.  The only questions remaining are who and when.  Speculation is rife that Trump’s former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn will be the next one called to turn himself in to the F.B.I.  But the list is endless and some have wondered if Trump will return from his Asian trip to a nearly empty Oval Office.

In the meantime, listen to the silence of the sheep.

"All shall be well and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well". Julian of Norwich.

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