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No Time For Bowe – Thank You Donald Trump

By Susan Kuebler

The military judge who heard the case against former soldier Bowe Bergdahl, who pleaded guilty to charges of desertion and “misbehavior in the presence of the enemy” handed down what many people will consider an outrageous sentence this morning.

The charge of desertion could have carried a five-year sentence, but the much more serious charge of “misbehavior in the presence of the enemy” could have resulted in a life sentence for the former Army sergeant.  The prosecutors had asked for a 14-year sentence, which many considered much too light for the dangers that Bergdahl had exposed his fellow soldiers to.

The testimony from the men who risked their lives searching for their compatriot in the dangerous lands of Afghanistan was harrowing. They often went without food or water.  One man testified about being shot and his military dog killed while out looking for the deserter.

But Army Colonel Jeffery Nance, who presided over the proceedings, handed down the lightest possible sentence.  Bergdahl only received a dishonorable discharge with the judge’s recommendation that he be reduced in rank to private.  Not one single day of prison time for the man who deserted his post in a war zone and risked the lives of his former friends who searched for him.

You may recall that during the campaign, Donald Trump felt compelled to comment on the Bergdahl case saying he was “a no-good traitor who should have been executed.”  At the time he made this remark many legal experts wondered if his words would be used by Bergdahl’s defense attorneys should Trump become the Commander-in-Chief.  They did.

In fact, Colonel Nance, in his ruling on a defense motion on this issue said that while Trump’s comments had not influenced him, nor affected Bergdahl’s receiving a fair trial, the judge would consider them a “mitigating factor” the news agency Reuters reports.  Looks like Trump may have “mitigated” Bowe right out of prison.

While private citizen, then candidate Trump might be given some leeway in expressing his opinion on what he considered the desired outcome of a legal proceeding should be, President Trump deserves no such consideration.  But that didn’t stop him from stepping right up and tweeting about the Manhattan terrorist suspect.

And still again the next day

While the death penalty was never a factor in the Bowe Bergdahl case, it most certainly will be one in the trial of the Manhattan terrorist.  Except now the President of the United States has tainted the entire jury pool across the country.  And whoever ends up prosecuting this case will have Donald Trump to thank if they are either unable to seek or get the death penalty.

Trump has already been a “mitigating factor” in the sentencing of one American traitor; he may well be a “mitigating factor” in the trial of a deadly terrorist.  Because he just can’t keep his damn mouth shut.

"All shall be well and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well". Julian of Norwich.

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