Enabling the Trump Hypocrisy

By Darrell Roberts

Less than a month ago, on October 2, 2017, the Trump administration’s spokesperson was quick to say, ‘I think that we can have those policy conversations, but today is not that day.’  During the same White House press briefing, Sarah Huckabee Sanders would go on to add, “Today is more, again, like I said, a day of reflection, a day of mourning, a day of gratefulness for those that were saved.”

Mrs. Sanders was just backing her boss.  After all, two days later, on October 4, 2017, on gun control the President stated, “We’re not going to talk about that today. We won’t talk about that.”

Sanders’ outrage on behalf of the Trump administration was not matched but exceeded.  For example, Senator John Cornyn of Texas went as far as to claim, “I just think politicizing this terrible tragedy is beyond disgusting.”  The Senator was quick to state, “And I think we ought to wait a respectful period of time … before we start getting into the push and shove of politics.”

Not to be outdone, the Governor of Kentucky, Matt Bevin (R) would tweet:

And nothing was or has been done to address or prevent further shootings like the one in Las Vegas that claimed the lives of 58 innocent victims.

Today, as a reminder, the President tweeted:

The President would also take the time to label the U.S. justice system as being a “joke and a laughingstock.”

Less than a month later, another horrible attack, but this time Sarah Huckabee Sanders is not only expressing a different tone but a completely different view.  As her boss, President Donald Trump has gone out of the way to politicize a terrorist attack in New York City to further his own political agenda.

Perhaps, Sanders and her boss must be reminded that one either believes in something or they do not.  Which is it?

More importantly, where is the moral outrage from Senator Cornyn and Governor Matt Bevin?  Has anyone seen either of these men call out President Trump’s truly disgusting rhetoric in the face of this latest loss of innocent life?  Once? Twice? Nope?

Thankfully, not everyone is quick to forget–especially when it just happened a month ago.  Furthermore, the President’s tweets were factually incorrect as pointed out by none other than Senator Jeff Flake.

The real question is, “How far down does President Donald Trump have to sully the name of the Republican Party before the ‘real’ Republicans reclaim their party?”


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