Eight Deaths, Multiple Injuries In New York City Terrorist Attack

By Touché

Yet again there was another horrific tradegy that has hit New York City today. NYC is treating this as a terrorist attack. Eight people have died while dozens have been injured. In depth info about this situation is scarce as this happened just a few hours ago.

A 29-year-old male drove a truck into a bike path in lower Manhattan. He struck multiple folks while driving down that path. He ended up hitting a school bus and at that point got out of the truck.

He went on, after getting out of the truck, yelling ‘Allah Akbar’ and displaying fake guns. Not knowing the guns were fake, NYPD shot the suspect in the abdomen. He is in custody and at the hospital right now.

New York Governor, Cuomo, said NYC is a symbol of democracy and that makes them a target. He also encouraged New Yorkers to go about there day as usual. The Halloween parade will still be taking place this evening.

New Yorkers will not let the terrorist win.

As more information comes to light, we will keep you updated. Our hearts and prayers go out to everyone involved. This hate that is being spread must stop immediately. We must stand up to these horrific events that just keep happening. America.  We can beat this.

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