Mueller’s Inciting Indictments

Yowzers. What a morning it has been. What a gift Mueller has given to America. These first couple indictments are just the tip of this hot mess of a swamp that needs drained. Trump is at the tippy top of that mess. It will be a slow climb up to him, but it will happen. America believe in Mueller.

Paul Manafort and Richard Gates were just indicted today. They have been asked to surrender to the FBI. This is huge very important news, but there is another breaking story playing out right now as well.

George Papadopolous has plead guilty to his charges of false statements given to the FBI. Did he make a deal with Mueller? In any case, he is the first smoking gun in this huge debacle. He is a fountain of knowledge in this Trump/Russia investigation.

Of course, the spoiled rotten man-child in office responded through Twitter. Does he not understand the severity of the situation unfolding around him? This isn’t some reality TV show. This is for real…real life.

Papadopoulos is now cooperating with the investigation. This bit of information should make Trump very nervous. Instead he just continues throwing a baby fit. Shocker.

Can you just picture Trump dropping to the ground in an all out hissy fit? There’s no collusion…honestly. Poppycock. There was so much collusion happening a child could identify it with ease.

As Mueller continues, America will wait with baited breath for the next move. Now is the time for Trump to bow out. Whether or not he does he will be found out. The big question here is what has Russia gained from meddling in our election? Another question would be how can we prevent anything like this from happening again? Prepare yourself DC for the thunder and the lightening that has just begun. Sit back with your snack of choice and enjoy the show.

Sarcasm, satire, and snark just seem to spew from my being. I may not be everyone's cup of tea, but who can refuse coffee? ?

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